Luxury Cases for iPhone 4, PlayBook and more

Most lavish cases to keep your tech safe and secure

Here at T3, we love a bit of luxury, which is why we've drawn together a list of the most luxurious cases for your various tech essentials, including your Apple iPad 2 and Macbook Air laptop.

Over the years there's been an unhealthy ethos surrounding cases for tech which is that design hasn't always been at the forefront. We think that should change, as products such as the Apple iPad 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab have shown, tech can be both beautiful and brilliant. So why shouldn't their cases? We've already counted down the best Apple iPhone 4 cases, now it's time to look at the higher end of the market. Here's the most luxurious cases for your beloved gadgetry...

iPhone 4
Out Of Print
T-shirt designer and literature fan Out Of Print has collaborated with Speck to produce a range of book-inspired covers for the iPhone 4, including the Lolita case, which is not suitable for Fathers' Day.
Price: £21
Link: SpeckProducts

BlackBerry PlayBook
Ettinger Fashion Case
Prestigious British brand Ettinger has produced this exquisite, red leather envelope that comes with a couple of extra slots for all your business whatnots.
Price: £250
Link: Ettinger

MacBook Air
Jivo Executive Zipper
Only the finest Brazilian buffalo skin has been used to create this snug-fitting cover. A non-abrasive interior swaddles your precious MacBook Air from all that rough cow hide.
Price: £75
Link: Jivo

Montblanc Meisterstück
The legendary German – no, not French – pen maker has crafted a suitably minimal case for your iPad. The pouch is made from full-grain German leather for a super-smooth finish.
Price: £250
Link: Montblanc

Samsung Galaxy Tab
Capulet Gina
Ignore the 90s popstar moniker; this luxuriously soft, Italian leather pouch has a demure, taupe coloured exterior with a sneaky pop of bright orange suede on the inside.
Price: £144
Link: Capulet

HTC Sensation
Krusell Croco
Crocodile fans calm yourselves: this doesn't use reptile skin. Krusell, which works for the likes of Kenzo and Yves Saint-Laurent, has used the finest nappa to house your Sensation.
Price: £17
Link: MobileFun