Let your TV beautify your space – with Samsung’s range of QLED and Frame TVs

The vivid and crystal clear screens give you the freedom to blend in or stand out, depending on your preference, to harmonise completely with your home and style

Samsung’s 2018 TV range gives you more. Samsung allows you to demand bigger, brighter and better viewing experiences when you’re watching TV, yet still enhancing your living space when it’s off.

The Frame and QLED TVs are well known for their bright and colourful screens, as well as straight forward smart platforms that burst with content - but they now have an additional string to their bow. With the QLED TV’s Ambient Mode[i] you have the option to effortlessly blend the TV into the background getting rid of the overwhelming black screen in your living room, while with The Frame’s Art Mode your TV can double up as a piece of art, with a wide variety of additional pieces, from the likes of the V&A and the Tate collections[ii], available via a subscription.

Samsung carried out research, and found consumers are not getting as much out of the space in their homes as they should - they need help. Modern interior design is focused around making the most of smaller spaces, so with Samsung’s new TV ranges, this allows the TVs to blend into the home environment seamlessly.

The research suggests that homeowners are wasting space in their homes to the value of £107 billion. With TVs getting bigger on average – there’s been 38% growth in sales of TVs of 65-inches and up in the last 12 months – as well as more advances (infographic below – and attached), consumers are becoming increasingly space conscious. Samsung is combating this by ensuring TVs become a beautiful part of your interior design. 

Samsung’s TVs look stunning with their extremely sleek, space-efficient stands and chic, modern wall-mounting options, giving you more flexibility to plan your living room. Consumers can enjoy Samsung’s wonderfully bright and colourful screens, at any time, in any light. However, when not in use, Samsung doesn’t want the TV to dominate. The way they are designed with Ambient Mode and Art Mode, along with other style focused features, they complement the living room’s look and feel rather than overwhelming the space.

Working in collaboration with top interior designer, Mel Massey, Samsung has looked into how Brits can get more out of their space in the home:

Massey says, “With space in our homes being as precious as ever, and most homeowners agreeing that they would like some more space, we have had to become space savvy with the way we design and style our homes and appliances – and our TVs are no exception.                               

In the past, we have only ever had two options when it comes to displaying our TV, either in a cupboard out of sight or on a stand in the room – as an interior designer I would always choose for it to be out of sight. Now we have a way of displaying it that enables us to use the TV as a feature.”

The TV is the main focal point of most UK living rooms and a staggering 67% of users still employ a stand for their TV. Messy cables can be an eyesore in any room, yet Samsung has a great set of solutions, most prominently shown off in their flagship QLED range and the beautiful Frame TV, with just one, near-invisible cable. This makes wall mounting easier and cleaner, with all device connections kept out of sight. Additionally, there is a range of key design features to make you home look slicker:

●       The No-Gap Wall Mount. This lets users mount the TV flush against the wall like it’s glued to it, with virtually no gap. This makes it easier to save that precious space

●       The 2018 QLED TV range’s Ambient Mode makes the screen ‘disappear’ by mimicking the different designs, patterns and colours of the wall behind it. These flagship TVs can also display imagery, news and information when not in use

●       The Frame TV’s Art Mode transforms it into a work of art when off with hundreds of available works of art from artists around the world. With collections from the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Tate Gallery, The Frame transforms the living room into a dynamic gallery space

Samsung’s research shows that although nearly half of Brits see the lounge as their favourite room in the house, over half are underwhelmed with how the space in the room is utilised - and that’s only going to become more of an issue as living rooms shrink, being 32% smaller than in the 1970s.

For the Brits who wish they had more floor space in their living room, filling vital space with a large blank screen is where Samsung TVs can bypass, in the fight to reclaim that wasted space.

[i] The Ambient Mode zone showcased how the QLED TV redefines what it means to be “off” with new technology that transforms the TV into a beautifully functional screen which provides a multitude of information including news, weather and traffic, and which can also play music or completely blend into the wall behind it. Some features of Ambient Mode require a compatible Android or iOS phone and sufficient space around the TV to operate; it will have varying results on complex wall designs, patterns, and/or unusual colours

[ii] Available from the Samsung Art Store from a monthly subscription cost of £3.99


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