GEAR4 Battersea: Trusted Protection for your Galaxy phone that’s lightweight, stylish and tough as nails

D3O protection helps keep MMA fighters, extreme sportsmen and the military safe. Now, it helps prevent harm to your phone

Phone cases are an essential accessory for millions of us nowadays, but they don’t have to be bulky, ugly beasts to provide the protection your highly desirable (and accordingly expensive), yet oh-so-fragile tech needs.

Take the GEAR4 Battersea case with Trusted Protection. As pictured here with the Note 8 (also available for Galaxy S8 and S8+) t’s a simple, discrete case which allows easy access to your mobile’s touchscreen and all its lovingly hand-tooled ports, yet incorporates D3O: the same protective tech found in military body armour, and protective gear used by BMX riders and MMA fighters. 

D3O technologies are soft and flexible but stiffen under impact to absorb the shock - whether that’s a flying fist, an obstacle on a BMX track or, in your phone’s case, the ground at high speed, after you’ve dropped it. D3O materials dissipate impact energy and reduce transmitted force, to protect your device. 

D3O’s enhanced polymer chemistry means GEAR4’s Battersea case is lightweight and slim but provides drop protection up to 4 metres. It feels great in your hand, with tactile, grippable TPU sides, and it looks smart. Compared to GEAR4’s hugely successful, T3 Award-nominated Piccadilly case, the Battersea  packs in 256% more D3O, for the ultimate in light weight Trusted Protection.  

GEAR4 is the UK’s Number One Impact Protection Phone Case Brand. It’s a tough world out there. Keep your most prized tech safe.

Battersea is available now, priced £29.99 from GEAR4's site or via Carphone Warehouse

D3O is a registered trademark

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