ExpressVPN: the best choice for anonymity, security and freedom…

With 256-bit encryption and unlimited bandwidth, it’s the pro choice for online security

You don’t have to model a nattily crafted, artisan hat made of tin foil to be worried about online security these days. If you’re in the UK, shops, social networks and everyone else are after your personal info, albeit for largely innocent reasons, and if you’re in certain other parts of the world, the state wants to know what you’re doing, so it can stop you from doing it.  

That’s why VPNs – Virtual Private Networks – are increasingly more of an obligation than an option. They let you browse anonymously, or even give the appearance you are in a different location to your actual one. They can be useful for everything from accessing public Wi-Fi hotspots – which can otherwise be a bit like having all your most intimate, personal photos and thoughts blown up to billboard size and slapped around the airport or shopping mall where the hotspot is located – to maintaining secure communications with loved ones and work colleagues.

There are hundreds of options available but both T3 and nerdier sister site TechRadar’s top pick – and that of many others – is ExpressVPN.  That’s because it’s blazing fast, never throttles your bandwidth, and keeps absolutely zero activity or connection logs. So not only can you remain anonymous to the web sites and services you’re using, but even ExpressVPN itself can’t see what you’re doing online.

The monthly sub – starting from $8.32 per month – is maybe a little higher than some more downmarket rivals, but then you get what you pay for. One ExpressVPN subscription gives you access from up to three devices simultaneously (or more if you install it on your router), there’s proper customer support if you have queries or setup problems, and they don’t dick about with your bandwidth – it’s guaranteed unlimited.

ExpressVPN’s apps are easy to use, and both they and the back-end of the service are maintained by a bunch of highly-paid keyboard jockeys who are constantly optimizing and updating everything so it runs at peak efficiency. Class-leading, 256-bit AES encryption helps ensure your data is always safe and secure. 

And if you decide that’s really not worth the price of entry, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

The ExpressVPN difference 

New to VPN? You’ll like this…

30-day money-back guarantee. Not satisfied? Just walk away…

256-bit AES encryption – that’s as good as it gets.

There’s great customer support and the apps are a cinch to use.

Not new to VPN? You’ll love this

Unlimited bandwidth and server switches.

No data logs, so you’re totally anonymous.

Use up to three devices simultaneously (more if you install  it on  your router).

More than 140 VPN locations, and four different protocol options (Automatic, UDP, TCP, and L2TP). So, that’s nice.

To find out more on ExpressVPN, click here. To order ExpressVPN, click here

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