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After unprecedented levels of speculation, supposed 'leaked' iPhone pictures, and a prototype found in a US bar, Steve Jobs has officially unveiled the iPhone 4 to the world.

The good news is that Apple's new smartphone will be available for fanboys to drool over on June 24th. So with just a couple of weeks to wait, we've rounded up all the essential iPhone 4 details, industry reaction and pictures of the gorgeous Apple gadget to help you decide if you want one. If you need much convincing that is...

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iPhone 4 features: 10 Things you need to know

From HD video to Retina display, find out all the new iPhone features

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iPhone 4 launch: iPhone 4 pictures

Official snaps of the iPhone 4 plus shots from WWDC 2010

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iPhone 4 specs revealed

Find out exactly what's underneath that new iPhone bonnet

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iPhone 4 vs HTC Desire

Is the new iPhone better than the current Android marvel?

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First impressions on the iPhone 4

T3's Duncan Bell reveals why Steve Jobs is tech's Freddie Mercury

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VIDEO: Apple iPhone 4 - The T3 verdict

Could this really be the perfect mobile phone? T3's experts decide on camera

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iOS 4: The new features explained

It's got a new name, but see what the latest iPhone OS means for the iPhone 4

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Has the iPhone 4 answered the critics?

iPhone 4 launch over, we take a look at the vital statistics - has Apple finally cracked it?

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iPhone 4: Beyond the hype

We see how Job's keynote matches with the first hands-on with the iPhone 4

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Apple iPhone 4: "Start of a new chapter"

Developers talk about how the iPhone 4 will change app-making

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T3 Poll: What's missing from the iPhone 4?

Still not won over by the latest iPhone instalment? Let us know why.

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