£100 Hotlist: treat yourself to something new with our round-up of the best gear under a ton

Get today's best tech, gadgets and gear without breaking the bank

You don’t always have to spend big money to get something you’ll love to bits. That’s why we’ve put together a list of our favourite products for £100 and under. Some of our chosen gadgets also happen to be the best things you can get in their particular category, others are great-value alternatives to bigger ticket purchases, but all are brilliant products we’d be happy to use ourselves. So next time you get paid and there’s spare cash burning a hole in your pocket, make sure you consult T3’s £100 Hotlist!

01: Carl Friedrik iPhone 7+ Case

Think this looks nice now? Wait until it has a bit of rugged leather age to it.

Reasons to buy
+Genuine leather+Soft microfibre lining

Fancy vegetable-tanned leather coloured in cognac, black, grey or chocolate, stitched and shaped to fit your favourite phone, with microfibre lining for maximum handset care.

Price: £60 | Get Carl Friedrik iPhone 7+ Case

02: Hyperkin SmartBoy

The best thing is the real buttons – touchscreen controls be damned!

Reasons to buy
+Feels like a Game Boy+Lightweight and portable

Originally an April fools joke, now an actual tangible thing: put a modern Samsung phone in, pop in a Game Boy or Game Boy Colour cartridge, and you’re playing classic games in seconds flat.

03: Nokia 3310

Take this out, and with a month’s standby time, it’ll outlive any smartphone.

Reasons to buy
+Very durable+Plays Snake!

It’s back and better than ever. Okay, the 3310 is probably the lowest-end phone you’ll find on the market. But for young teens, or just as an emergency backup phone, it’s great; plus it plays Snake!

04: Topeak Alien II Bike Multi-tool

With spanners, screwdrivers and hex keys, even non-cyclists will love it.

Reasons to buy
+Super compact+Loads of tools

Everything you might need to fix a bicycle breakdown on the move, all squashed into a compact package. A time-honoured classic that should be in every cycle bag.

Price: £35 | Buy Topeak Alien II Bike Multi-tool

05: Netgear Mini Wi-Fi Range Extender

There’s an Ethernet socket, so you can also extend your wired reach.

Reasons to buy
+Cheap as chips+Well made and understated

Is your wireless network tantalisingly out of reach? Plug this into a wall socket, run through a little setup and it’ll extend your range at pacy wireless N speeds.

06: Sigg Viva One 0.75L

A locking spout means this won’t fill your satchel with unwanted fluids.

Reasons to buy
+Can fill it with ice cubes+Easily washable

It’s BPA-free, so this polypropylene bottle can be refilled and washed as many times as you like, and the neck’s wide enough that you can fill it with ice cubes for a cool and refreshing drink on the move.

Price: £12.99 | Buy Sigg Viva One 0.75L