White iPhone 4 landing this week?

White iPhone 4 in UK and Netherlands this week?

Will we finally see the white iPhone 4, 10 months on?

Two independent websites have received tips that the white Apple iPhone 4 will soon be released into the wild.

Engadget received a tip-off with pictures about the white iPhone 4 in all its packaged glory at Vodafone UK. The information is that Vodafone UK will not be selling the white handsets until next week.

Apparently, the unit was rung up as a black iPhone 4 by the salesperson and soon after that the network operator stopped the sale of further white phone units "until next week".

9 to 5 Mac also was in the thick of the white iPhone 4 news when a source from phone retailer BelCompany told them that the white iPhone 4 16GB will be available in the Netherlands from Wednesday, April 27, with limited supply of the 32GB model.

The source passed on a memo which revealed that "supplies will be scarce".

It's been a long wait for punters who wanted the white iPhone 4 and we're hoping it's a delayed Easter gift for everyone.

Will you be buying the white iPhone 4 or plan to wait until the iPhone 5 is released? Let us know on our Twitter and Facebook feeds and get in touch if you were the lucky person to get your hands on the white iPhone 4.

Via: Engadget