We7 Radio app brings music without data connection

Charge your mobile with music before you leave home

We7 app tells unreliable mobile data connections to go to hell

We7 has today launched a new on-the-go, personal radio service that will charge your phone with enough music to continue playing even when there is no data connection available.

We7 Radio, which is available for Android today and Apple iOS devices next month, uses your home or office Wi-Fi connection to back-up personal playlists based around your chosen artists and genres. That means, even if you're spending your day on a plane, you'll have enough tunes to get you through the journey.

The free application will be a godsend for those who love the data-hungry radio apps but are handicapped with a stringent 3G allowance by tightfisted mobile operators.

We7 says the app's "innovative buffering and caching mechanisms mean that favourite personal radio stations can be made available when on the move and regardless of available connections or data allowances."

When you download the app you can set up up to 10 different playlists to be made available at your convenience. The longer you "charge-up" your phone, the more music you will have at your disposal.

The app is free to download and free to use, but users can also upgrade to the Spotify-style Premium model of full access to songs and artists of your choice, ad-free, for a tenner a month.

Windows 7 and BlackBerry owners fret not. A version of the app friendly to your underappreciated app stores is coming later this year.

Link: We7 Radio