Tech Today: Second tier iPhone 4S evidence mounts

Leaked photos and iTunes hint suggests more than one iPhone coming Tuesday

With the new Apple iPhone launch little more than 24 hours away, more evidence is pointing to the launch of a second tier accompanyment to the iPhone 5. Meanwhile we've got word on the names of the next generation of Windows Phone handsets and how much Amazon is really losing on the Kindle Fire.

Apple iPhone 4S reference shows up in new iTunes beta
It's long been the subject of rumour that Apple will launch a budget version of the iPhone 4 to accompany the iPhone 5 and that it will be called the iPhone 4S, now with the next-gen Apple smartphone release little more than 24 hours away there seems to be a little more credence attached to those claims. AppleInsider reports that the name iPhone 4S showed-up amid a list of mobile devices in the ninth beta of iTunes 10.5, released on Friday.
Link: AppleInsider

Meanwhile, leaked Foxconn photo also suggests second tier iPhone
Gizmodo is touting photos, claimed to be from an inside source at Apple's Foxconn plant in Brazil, of an iPhone 4-alike handset bearing a brand new model number, the N90A. Talk of a second iPhone model arriving this Tuesday has warmed and cooled during speculation season, but these two weekend stories certainly suggest there might be another iPhone offering when Tim Cook takes the stage on Wednesday.
Link: Gizmodo

JBL launches Bluetooth iPad speakers for on-the-go tunes
That purveyor of supreme audio goodness JBL has added to the legion of cool, on-the-go iPad speakers with a wireless Bluetooth offering with accompanying iPad stand. The OnTour iBL speakers are available now. The spacey-looking portable device is available for £133.
Link: iLounge

Names of new Nokia Windows Phone 7.5 devices revealed?
A leak from Microsoft Canada suggests that the first Nokia handsets to run Windows Phone will be called Searay and Sabre. As part of an incentive to developers to create apps, developers are being offered a brand new Windows Phone and those Nokia phones and devices from Samsung called the Yukon and Wembley were also listed.
Link: TomsGuide

Amazon losing only a fiver per Kindle Fire?
Most of us expected Amazon to take a hit on each Kindle sold, in order to tempt us into buying more Kindle books, music, movies and magazines from them, however it appears that the new Android tablet will cost just $209 to build, with the device selling for $199. That represents a loss of little over £5. Analysts had suggested it would lose £30 on each Kindle Fire sold, when it was announced last week.
Link: Maximum PC