Tech Today: No Galaxy S3 at MWC? Xbox 720 to get Blu-ray?

Plus: Motorola sues Apple over patents, Open source WebOS coming September

Wednesday's late-breaking tech news saw some massive Xbox 720 rumours, while reports suggest that Samsung plans to delay the launch of the Galaxy S3 beyond the MCW expo

Xbox 720 to get Blu-ray, but no used game compatibility
Two massive Xbox 720 rumours broke late on Tuesday with Kotaku reporting that Microsoft plans to install a Blu-ray drive in the next-gen console. However, while that may be good news the second half of the report certainly isn't. It was alleged that Microsoft plans to install a new feature that would prevent users playing used games on the console.
Link: Kotaku

Motorola sues Apple over iCloud
Another day, another Apple vs Android lawsuit. This time it's Google-owned Motorola suing the iPhone-maker, accusing the company of violating six of its patents, four of which involve Apple's cloud back-up service iCloud. It's worth noting that Motorola had to consult Google before taking this action.
Link: Gizmodo

Open source WebOS coming in September
HP's WebOS operating system has had more lives than a cat that lives on a train track, but the latest iteration of the Palm-created software will arrive in September. HP announced on Tuesday the release schedule for the open source WebOS, while also lifting the lid on a new app development tool, which launched today.
Link: TechRadar

Rumor: No Samsung Galaxy S3 at MWC?
The Verge is reporting that Samsung is unlikely to launch the sequel to the hugely successful Galaxy S2 at next month's Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona. The show traditionally sees the launch of some of the year's most compelling handsets, but Samsung has apparently decided to delay the planned announcement.
Link: TheVerge

Hands-free eating for Xbox 360 gamers
While the web is awash with masses of Xbox 720 rumours, here's something real that could keep 360 gamers occupied in the meantime. This hands-free eating solution for existing console controllers allows you to place a pasty in a special pocked behind the console so you can take a bite without taking your eyes off the prize.
Link: Coolest-Gadgets