Skype surpasses 32 million simultaneous users milestone

VoIP service hits new record user figures with 32 million people connected at once

Hitting new heights, VoIP service provider Skype has revealed it has surpassed the 32 million simultaneous users milestone for the first time

VoIP specialist Skype has announced it is surpassed a new milestone, recording more than 32 million concurrent users for the first time in its history.

Although the company has failed to reveal how many of these users were making use of the service’s voice and video call features, the new record simultaneous user figures marks a major success for the world’s largest voice over internet protocol provider.

“Yesterday, Skype passed a new milestone. There were 32 million people signed onto Skype at the same time,” an official statement from the company read.

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Accessible via a variety of devices, Skype users can make and receive free VoIP calls and instant messages over internet connected desktops, mobile applications and even smart televisions.

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