Siri now legally available on iPhone 4

iPhone 4 fans get Sirious

Siri, Apple's chatty virtual assistant and iPhone 4S unique selling point, is now available on the iPhone 4 - for the time being

The latest iOS update reportedly leaves the iPhone 4 wide open for a bit of opportunistic Siri-hacking, although now you won't have to break any pesky laws or user agreements to do it. The iOS 5.0.1 update reportedly leaves the iPhone 4's RAM disks unencrypted (schoolboy error), which will, with a bit of scripting knowledge, make moving Siri to the iPhone 4 a comparative breeze.

Siri has been available on the iPhone 4 in one form or another for some time now, but previous methods had questions raised over their legality. One method, for example, involved using a jailbroken iPhone 4S' unique device identifier (a 40-digit serial number that Apple uses to identify your specific iPhone while you're using things like the App Store) and tricking Siri into thinking she was working on an iPhone 4S. The worry was that using data from another device could potentially land you in hot water with Apple, but the new iOS does away with all the quasi-legal trickery.

Whether or not Apple meant to leave the RAM disks unencrypted with this latest update isn't clear - we'll be keen to see whether they remain so in the next update. Got Siri chatting on your iPhone 4? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Cnet