Samsung slates iPhone 4 screen

AMOLED-maker says Retina Display doesn't measure up

Spokesman claims iPhone 4's screen will hammer battery life.

When Steve Jobs said the iPhone 4’s stunning new Retina Display was, “…quite a bit better than AMOLED,” it was surely only a matter of time before someone behind the rival screen tech fired back.

Well, that moment has arrived, courtesy of a spokesman for Samsung, AMOLED makers supreme and purveyors of the stunning super AMOLED phone, the Samsung Wave.

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“Structurally, IPS LCD technology (as seen on the iPhone 4) cannot catch up with AMOLED display technology,” he said. Warming to his theme, Sammy’s insider went on to say that while IPS would offer roughly three to five per cent more clarity, it would slaughter battery life, upping the daily use of juice by a whacking 30 per cent.

This criticism may, however, come down to the fact that Apple has a deal with Samsung’s deadly Korean rival LG to make its screens. Word is that Samsung was courted as an AMOLED supplier by Apple, only for Jobs and co to find it couldn’t match demand.

With the iPhone 4 just two weeks away from hitting these shores, it won’t be long until we can stick both screens side-by-side and see who comes out on top.

Via Electronista