Samsung demands to see iPad 3 and iPhone 5

Sammy fires back in legal dispute with Apple

Move comes after Apple given right to see unreleased Samsung Galaxy kit.

Samsung has shot back in its increasingly bitter legal battle with Apple, demanding to see both the iPad 3 and iPhone 5 by 13 June. The move comes after Apple's legal team was granted access to Samsung's officially announced, but unreleased Galaxy kit, including the S2 and tab 10.1.

The legal file from the Korean company says it wants to see, "A sample of the final, commercial version of the next generation iPhone that Apple will release, whether that product will be known as the "iPhone 4S", "iPhone 5", or some other name." It has filed a word for word copy relating to the iPad 3 as well.

Sammy says that while neither of the named Apple devices have been officially revealed, it is basing their existence on 'internet reports', saying Apple has previous when it comes to allowing the rumour mill to build up the hype for its devices for them.

Samsung wants to see these new devices as they're the ones it believes will be going up against its products, not the current Apple models. Whether a US judge sees it like that remains to be seen.

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Via Thisismynext