PSP 2 to host touch sensitive controls behind screen

Touchy controls to hit next generation PSP in 2011

Upcoming PSP gets touchy addition

The long-awaited next instalment of the Sony PlayStation Portable will host touch sensitive controls it has emerged following the handheld console being sent to a number of developers.

According to three separate developers have confirmed that the upcoming PSP 2 console utilises a range of touch sensitive controls located behind the devices screen for pressure responsive user control.

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Although the new PSP failed to make an appearance at gamescom this week, it is reported that Sony has finally settled on and completed a business model of the future portable device and has begun showcasing the console to developers and publishers using a range of self produced games to do so.

Whilst a pre-Christmas launch is likely, pre-Christmas 2011 that is, we would not be surprised if the PSP 2 didn’t hit UK stores until 2012. Whilst this might not be the news that many eager gamers looking to get their hands around the touchy PSP wanted, the new touch sensitive controls pose many possibilities for advance and increasingly immersive gaming.

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