PS3 3D gaming limited to 720p resolution by Sony

Full HD resolution bumped off for 60fps gaming

720p limitations given to PS3 3D gaming

The PS3’s much anticipated foray into 3D gaming will not pack quite the optical punch as first believed as Sony announces that the expected full HD 1080p resolution will in fact be downscaled to 720p.

Sony’s reasoning behind bumping the 1080p full HD capabilities of the PlayStation 3 in favour of two 720p 3D images, one for each eye, is to allow for a smoother 60 frames per second image transition to be achieved.

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Games that run natively at 1080p, such as Super Stardust HD will be automatically downscaled when played in 3D. Sony is not concerned by the drop in image quality however, claiming that as 3D effects draw attention away from the pin-point detail of an image, trained graphics artists could barely notice the difference between the two resolutions in 3D.

The PS3 will not see all of its 3D content limited to 720p, however, as the console’s Blu-ray player, which runs at just 24 fps will support full HD 1080p resolutions for all compatible 3D Blu-rays.

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