Motorola Atrix 4G: Voice call quality poor, says users

Moto's investigating the flaw with the help of its user forums

Motorola is looking into a fix

Early adopters often have a torrid time of things. They either see their new tech superseded too quickly or have to face the brunt of untested technical issues. US customers who’ve jumped aboard the good ship Atrix are feeling the pain of the latter, and Moto’s been forced to intervene.

It turns out that the call quality on a number of Motorola Atrix 4G handsets is a bit on the shonky side. So many in fact, that Motorola’s realised it must be a real issue and has addressed it in owners’ forum.

The sticky thread says: “We've been looking into it for some time however we've only recently gotten phones back from customers. The users we asked to volunteer their phone were either unwilling or had already returned it. No indication currently as to the cause.” It then prompts users to give some idea as to what the problem is via a set of questions.

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Source: T3 Tech Videos