iPhoto for iOS app hits one million sales in ten days

Apple's photo-tweaking / storage solution a big hit on iPhone and iPad

With a host of filters, editing tools and journal curation options, iPhoto for iOS has already proved a huge success with over a million downloads in ten days

As Apple takes more flack for the heavily-reported new iPad overheating issues, the company has announced some good news with the impressive iPhoto app for iOS passing the million sales mark in just ten days.

The mobile version of the iPhoto client, so long a staple of the Mac OS X iLIfe suite of apps, was announced alongside the new iPad 3 tablet at the launch event on March 7th.

Since then iPod touch, iPhone and iPad users new and old have been downloading the app in huge numbers and, at £2.99 a pop it means that Apple has pocketed over £3 million from sales of the app alone. It's little wonder the company was able to notch-up a $100 billion cash war chest in recent years.

The figures do not account for the amount of times the app has been downloaded, just the amount of times it has been purchased and with many buyers likely installing the software on multiple iOS devices, download figures are sure to be even more impressive.

iPhoto's success is no surprise given the lineage of the software and the new iOS-centric features Apple has carefully added into the mix.

It's part Photoshop Touch and part Instagram as it adds a host of editing tools, while also bringing filters into play. Multitouch gestures are also on-board, while the auto-correct feature raised oohs and ahhs at the iPad launch event. You can also create photo journals and label your photos with sticky notes. Check out the full feature list on iTunes.

With Apple also launching new versions of iMovie and GarageBand during the iPad launch event, it seems fair to suggest that the company's internal app developers are earning their keep... and then some.

Via: AllThingsD