iPhone 5 to have 4G LTE technology?

Super-fast browsing speeds on the cards for Apple

Apple reportedly considering 4G connection speeds for next gen iPhone.

We're hearing further rumours about the upcoming iPhone 5; this time that Apple might be sneaking 4G onto the handset for faster data speeds.

According to PCWorld.com, the signs are building up, with reference to 4G technology made in the code of iOS 5, carriers testing 4G-enabled iPhone prototypes, and Apple's hiring of 4G network engineers to outfit one of its Apple Stores.

4G is the next generation of mobile phone technology, which largely brings with it the promise of faster data speeds. Currently, smartphones and web tablets connect to the internet using 3G, the technology that brought us proper mobile web browsing and video calling. 4G, by comparison, will allow download speeds of, in practice, somewhere between 20 and 50 Mbps, making it several times faster than the UK's average web connection.

However, 4G networks are still in their infancy, and while the technology is rolling out across the US, we won't see 4G in the UK for a while, making all the benefits 4G might bring to the next iPhone pretty well lost on us. One for the iPhone 6, we reckon.

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Via: PCWorld