iPhone 4 suffers setback as early problems arise

Complaints rising about screen and signal issues

Apple in a spot of bother after two design faults spotted with the iPhone 4

The eagerly awaited iPhone 4 has today had two major flaws pointed out, even though it was only released today. New iPhone customers have been outraged, and are already claiming returns following two problems with the iPhone.

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One of the problems is that the iPhone loses signal when held in your hand. This is seemingly occurring because the antenna is in the outer metal casing. Although there are claims that this is just a software fault, it seems unlikely. Having tested it myself, the iPhone went from 5 bars of signal to only 1 within a minute. If you doubt this, then see the video proof (below).

The other problem is to do with the iPhone 4 retina display screens; there seems to be some yellow discolouration on some iPhone 4 screens as you can see in the above picture. Many have complained about this, and have claimed returns from Apple. This discolouration has occurred in the form of tinted spots, bars and bands across the new iPhone 4’s screen, so watch out on your new iPhone 4.

So, for those of you who are very excited about the new iPhone, there are some definite problems, so I’d think before shelling out your cash. Apple will certainly have to make some changes; we’ll keep you posted of any more faults here at T3…

Picture courtesy of Gizmodo