iPhone 4 antenna: Apple press conference tomorrow

6pm UK kick off as Apple prepares to break silence

Stateside gathering set to confirm Apple's plans for iPhone 4. Is a recall really on the cards?

Apple has called a press conference for 10am Pacific Time (6pm here in the UK) this Friday, 16 July, with the iPhone 4’s antenna issues the only thing on the agenda.

While Cupertino is yet to reveal its plans, odds on an iPhone 4 recall have been slashed, with millions of owners potentially having to return their blowers while the company works on a much-needed fix.

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An alternative move would be to give away the pricey, £25 bumpers, which solve the problem, but leave the stunning design of the iPhone 4 hidden behind ruggedised plastic.

All will be revealed tomorrow at 6pm and we’ll be bringing you all the news from the US as it happens. Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter pages for more.