iPad Mini 2 to launch on November 21st?

US retailer Target publishes date on its website

US retailer Target has posted that the iPad Mini 2 will be available – in the US at least – on November 21st.

The date was first spotted by MacRumours. The retailer lists the 16GB version of the iPad Mini 2 as having a launch date of November 21st.

Apple has so far declined to provide any more details about the launch date of the iPad Mini 2 other than “November”. Reports have claimed that supply chain issues are causing inventory problems for the Retina version of the iPad Mini.

Chief executive Tim Cook also alluded to the supply chain problems during Apple’s quarterly results conference call. However, he did not go as far as to confirm that the tablet could be in extremely short supply.

The date makes some sense. Apple is likely to want the device in stores before Thanksgiving and the Black Friday weekend. Black Friday is notorious for large queues. Apple launching a new product that weekend would be a recipe for disaster.

However, Apple traditionally launches its products on a Friday in the US, while the 21st is a Thursday. As such, it could be little more than guess by the retailer.

The iPad Air goes on sale tomorrow.