HTC T8788: Windows Phone 7 effort unveiled

Latest WP7 effort packs unique slider skills

No specs yet, but this is the hottest Windows Phone 7 blower seen yet.

Windows Phone 7 might not be ready to roll for another couple of months. But by the time it does get the official nod, it seems we’ll know about every phone packing in the OS thanks to leaks just like this.

The HTC T8788 follows the recently outed LG C900 and LG GW910 in being unceremoniously touted well ahead of its planned release. This new effort is a landscape slider, but rather than having a QWERTY panel hidden, you slip out a speaker. Perfect for haranguing tired commuters on the bus.

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Round the back there’s a kickstand, a la the Nokia N97, while inside, of course, Microsoft’s new mobile OS is sitting pretty, with three touch sensitive keys slapped on the bottom.

There’s no news on specs as yet, but expect to hear more as the Windows Phone 7 bandwagon rolls on. For more news on this and other WP7 goodies, stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Via Engadget