HTC smartphones could get Christmas ban in Germany

All 3G-enabled devices by HTC to be taken off shelves?

Owner of patents IPCom has been chasing HTC for some time over it's 3G patent, now HTC has withdrawn the appeal

HTC have withdrawn an appeal against the IPCom claim that HTC is infringing one of their patents regarding 3G technology. Now that they've withdrawn the appeal HTC could well see all their 3G products, including the HTC Sensation and HTC Desire HD, banned in Germany over the Christmas period and the foreseeable future.

The patent battle has been ongoing ever since IPCom claimed that HTC has been infringing one of their patents regarding the use of 3G technology in their mobile devices.

HTC are not the only big name manufacturer that's been suffering at the hands of IPCom with Nokia still very much trying to find a way around the patent.

HTC has become the prime target for IPCom and because IPCom are based in Germany they could well succeed in getting the injunction which would see HTC's products banned from the country.

If this comes to pass then it could have huge ramifications for the companies business in Germany, especially with Mobile World Congress 2012 due after Christmas with leaked handsets such as the HTC Ville rumoured to be on their way.

Source: The Register