HP Pre 3 unleashed

Can all-new Pre give webOS the edge?

Stunning specs, but is the Pre 3 any better than its predecessors.

HP’s Touchpad might have grabbed the headlines, but the Pre 3 is central to the PC giant’s hopes of kicking it big in the smartphone space. Again, HP has decided to kiss goodbye to the Palm name, but the Pre 3 comes with enough killer specs to get us all het up.

The screen now sits at 3.6-inches, with 800x480 resolution. What really makes the Pre 3 tick though is the 1.4GHz Qualcomm processor inside. Ok, it’s not dual-core, but this is a marked improvement on the Pre 2’s 1GHz effort.

Elsewhere you’ll find a 5 megapixel camera, with 720p HD video, with mobile hotspot smarts for sharing out your 3G connection with your pals. Storage runs to 8GB or 16GB depending on which model you pick up, while Wi-Fi, HSDPA, Bluetooth 2.1 and that famed slide-out portrait keyboard come as standard.

You can use the Pre 3 in conjunction with the newly-minted Touchpad thanks to Touchstone tech. Sharing web addresses and even answering the Pre 3’s calls via the tablet are what make this a sleek, if a tad gimmicky, addition.

webOS 2.2 comes as standard and if you want the latest version of the OS, this phone’s for you. Palm has said original Pres and Pixis won’t be getting an update. HP is once again being vague about those all important price and release details, saying all will be revealed in summer. Just don’t hang on too long guys.

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