Gold iPhone 4 touted by Victoria Beckham

Update Posh's handset "standard gold iPhone"

24-carat gold iPhone 4 spotted

Victoria Beckham, former Spice Girl and spouse of England football legend, David, has been spotted touting a gold iPhone 4.

Seen at Heathrow airport lady Beckham was caught on camera carrying a gold backed Apple handset that, according to her PR representative Jo Milloy is a "standard gold iphone available to buy for less than 1k."

At just £1,000 Beckham's shiny-hued device is relatively cheap compared to the ultra high-end custom modified handsets that emanate from the mind and studio of gadg-blinger Stuart Hughes. With 150 grams of 24-carat gold crafted in to the device's shell, Hughes' adaptation of the gold iPhone lines up at a hefty £22,000.

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Whilst splashing out £22,000 on a customised handset might seem extravagant to some, it is reletivelty cheap compared to a number of Hughes’ modded creations that have featured on in the past. In recent months Hughes’ £40,000 T-Rex tooth touting iPhone followed the world’s most expensive iPhone 4 that thanks to over 100-carats of 500 individual flawless cut diamonds weighed in at hefty £5 million.

As well as decking her iPhone out in a shade fitting with hubby’s golden balls, Beckham’s gold Apple handset was snapped sporting a very personal lock screen image as David Beckham can be seen posing topless for his wife.

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Via: DailyMail