Flip unveil 12 Movember charity themed designs

Men's health charities get support from Flip Video

Charity, mate says Flip with Movember collection

Global fundraising event Movember is now in full swing and to celebrate this year’s tash-tastic charitable offerings, Flip Video has joined the brigade of fuzzy upper-lippers and announced a range of Movember themed designs for its portable camcorders.

Available from Flip’s stateside online store, the twelve Movember-themed designs adorn the Flip UltraHD, MinoHD and SlideHD camcorders with all storage capacities covered by the moustached graphics.

Each of the Movember themed Flip camcorders purchased will see $10 donated to the Movember Foundation which supports mean’s health charities such as The Prostate Cancer Charity and Everyman in the UK.

What other gadgets would you like to see adorned with human characteristics in the name of charity? A red nosed Asimo robot or a Pudsey bandana coloured iPod nano? Share your thoughts and ideas with us via the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Via: Pocket Lint