Apple to release iPod Touch, iPad 3, iMac and iPhone 5 next year?

Analysts believe a major overhaul is on its way

After the incremental upgrade of the iPhone 4S it would appear that by looking below the surface the iPhone 5 will be a drop in the ocean of Apple's plans

According to sources high up in Apple's supply chain the company is looking to get brand-new LED lighting panels developed in preparation for what looks to be the Apple iPad 3.

Condenamed J1 and J2 these panels are being developed to ready a potential 2 million units for shipping in late December while it's reported from the same source that the iPhone 5 and the next generations of iMacs won't be making an appearance until late 2012.

Apple iPhone 5, iPad 3 and iMac 2012 already planned?

If you combine these sources with a diagram put together by SplatF you can clearly see that Apple's decision of the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 were right in line with the company preparing a complete overhaul of its products next year. This potentially leads to a whole string of possibilities concerning the next generation of Apple products with a new design direction being probably top of the list.

While these are simply a case of putting two and two together if you think about it long enough it doesn't begin to seem so far fetched, the iMac design has remained relatively unchanged for some time now and with the iPhone 4 design featuring on two products an overhaul could well be on the cards.

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Source: Digitimes