Apple patent reveals Privacy Mode for future displays

Variable screen angle to increase iPhone privacy

iPhone, iPad and iPod in line for increased screen privacy

Apple has filed a patent that will see the company’s future iPhone, iPod and iPad devices feature a screen privacy option that will allow users to change the angle of the devices’ displays.

Controlling the angel of the display and thus the field of view for those looking at the device’s screen, Apple’s latest patent looks to add increased user privacy to its portable devices with ‘wedge angle’ aspects of the screen’s construct able to ‘steer’ light on request to seamlessly alter the display’s viewing angle.

Allowing only those directly in front of the handset’s screen to see its contents, the patent, if brought to fruition would offer increased privacy, a feature no doubt coveted by many existing iPhone and iPad users who use their current iDevices in public to view sensitive and personal data.

When such features would be brought to Apple’s array of portable iDevices is currently unknown, latest rumours and reports, however, have suggested Apple’s mooted iPhone 5 will land boasting a curved glass display.

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