Apple iPhone 5 screens to be produced by Toshiba

New joint factory to produce iPhone's LCD display

iPhone 5 to maintain LCD display

Tech manufacturer Toshiba is to build a new factory in Ishikawa tasked with producing high-res LCD panels for Apple’s upcoming ranges of iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

Reports by the Nikkei Business Daily have announced the new Japanese based factory, set to cost 100 billion Yen (£757 million) and be constructed during 2011, will double Toshiba’s current monthly production capacity of 8.5 million units.

Part funded by Apple, the new factory will begin production next year with the mooted Apple iPhone 5 expected to be one of the first devices catered for.

The reports, which have yet to be confirmed or denied by either Apple or Toshiba would seemingly mark the end of Toshiba’s current low-temperature polysilicon LCD panels production facility in the Ishikawa area.

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