Apple iPhone 4 to support Facebook video uploads

Social networking site to get direct-to uploads

The Apple iPhone 4, or even an iPhone 3GS running iOS 4, looks likely to store within its must have shell the ability to upload video footage direct to user’s Facebook accounts.

This hidden gem of a feature hasn’t been mentioned by Apple on a single occasion but is suggested by a section of code residing within the iOS 4 gold master build, the developers package used to create content for the device.

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The code would allow iOS 4 users to upload video up to 480 x480p running at 30fps direct to the world’s biggest social networking site. The iPhone 4, 3GS running iOS 4, and Apple iPad will also all be able to view Facebook videos as the social networking giants supports the HTML5 file format that Apple has been pushing for its Flash-free devices.

Whilst other mobile phones have previously offered the direct-to-Facebook video uploads now inline for the iPhone, its first foray into an Apple device could mark the popular boost the technology needs to see it embedded in all handsets of the future.

As Apple has failed to mention what would undoubtedly prove a very popular function, its inclusion to the first outing of iOS 4 is not a sure fire guarantee. If not included from the outset though, its popular implications could see it appear in an early firmware update.