Best Apps 2014: This year's hottest apps

Updated: Hottest apps to download now

Want to know the best iPhone apps to download in 2013? What about the free Android apps to get you through the next twelve months? T3 has got your app life covered...

To help you in the quest to load up your smartphone with the best time-killers and apps to make the most of the year ahead, we’ve handpicked apps across the platforms that warrant your immediate attention.

So whether you’re an Apple iPhone 5. 5s or 5c user, a Google Android lover, a BlackBerry fiend, or a Windows Phone newbie, switch on your Wi-Fi or 3G to download our selection of this month’s hottest apps.

North Face Explorer

Free | iOS and Android

A nifty app that is far more than just a catalogue for North Face's products. Through the use of leaderboards and challenges, you can beat targets, win weekly prizes and collect a load of badges, plus it can track your journeys through GPS, keeping tabs on your progress and seeing how you can improve.

Calendars 5

Price: £2.99 | iOS | Download

Another calendar app makes its way to the App Store, this time though it’s been designed to compliment the translucency of iOS7. The natural language input is particularly useful – just type ‘meet with Sarah at lunch tomorrow’ and it’ll add as an event at the right time. Handy to-do lists are also included, so you don't need to keep flicking over to a separate app for that. A nice, pretty complete package that gets timely updates.

Hassle Me

Free | Download Divvy Up | Windows Phone 8

If you’re the forgetful type, Hassle Me will literally hassle you to get stuff done, from finishing up your work to picking up something for dinner. It’s quick, with a simple layout and you are able to customise the amount of times per day it will hassle you. A handy notification will also pop up in the live tile, alerting you of any outstanding to-dos, meaning a quick glance will all but remind you.

Reeder 2

Price: £2.99 | iOS | Download

Taking more design cues from Apple’s iOS7, Reeder 2 lets you stay up-to-date with all the goings on in the world and you can also share to read it later services like Pocket and Evernote. Stories update quickly, pulling content from tons and tons of sources and letting you read it in a distraction free environment.

Divvy Up

Free | Download Divvy Up | Windows Phone 8

Along with photo filter apps, endless runners and to-do list creators – bill splitting apps are numerous on all the app stores. This one, for Windows Phone 8, has a nice overall design, plus it’s free and there are no ads. Features include a tip calculator, quick split option and you can manually itemise receipts. A premium version is available as well, if you fancy dropping some cash and with you’ll unlock some extra features.


Free | Android and iOS| Download

This swish, well designed and simple to use task managing app packs in useful features that could see it become your planning app of choice. Cloud syncing, text prediction and sharing capabilities really single it out from a crowded genre.


Free | Download BBM

Nope, you’ve not gone back in time five years to a high school playground, Blackberry is looking for halt a dip in fortunes by offering the popular BBM messaging service out to rival platforms. The good old PIN system of gaining contacts is still around, as is a very BB10 influenced look and feel, complete with a whole host of gestures.

Little Alchemy

Free | Download Little Alchemy | Google Chrome

This sciencey brainy puzzley title is fun way to waste a few minute in the Chrome browser. Simply mix elements together, create new ones and slowly you’ll build up a rather nice collection. It’s addictive too, which is the real measure of a puzzle game.

Hottest app of the month: Hipstamatic Oggl

When Facebook bought Instagram for a billion dollars it did two things: signified just how big a business photo sharing is, and created the opening for a rival. People dislike Facebook, in spite, or perhaps because, of their addiction to it, and Hipstamatic, the original retro filter app, is happy to exploit that backlash. “We went back to the drawing board and rethought how to take photos,” says Hipstamatic Ceo Lucas Buck of new app Oggl. “We made it more social, though we never wanted to build a network.” Canny, then, that you can share pics with other social hubs – and yes, Instagram, too. After some basic image preset – food has its own setting, of course – you’re into the familiar game of mixing lenses and films. If you want to share, and desire more than the basic set of options, you’ll have to subscribe at £1.99 a quarter or £6.99 for the year. “We’ve gone for subscription because I never wanted to put ads next to people’s photos,” explains Buck. “our community is smart enough to recognise that if the product is free, they’re probably the product.”

Price: Free | Platform: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch iOS 6.0+ | Download Hipstamatic Oggl iOS app

Hard Rock Calling Festival 2013

Maps, line-ups, your own customisable schedule, and a crowd-sourced photo album - this is how festival companion apps should be done.

Price: Free | Platform: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch iOS 5..0+ | Download Hard Rock Calling Festival 2013 iOS app


Amend a PDF or add a Skitch stamp to give a report the seal of approval or disapproval. It’s more organisational fun from the folk behind Evernote.

Price: Free | Platform: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch iOS 5.0+ | Download Skitch iOS app


Make your own mobile or HTML 5 website that can work across browsers, with site traffic stats to track your online dominance.

Price: Free | Platform: Android 2.2+ | Download Weebly Android app


Do you find it difficult to describe practical problems textually? Just record it and Fixya’s community of MacGyvers will sort you out.

Price: Free | Android 2.3.3+ | Download Fixya Android app


Twenty years worth of scribbles, from Peanuts to Garfield, plus political doodles from Pulitzer Prize-winning satirical cartoonists.

Price: Free | Android 2.2+ | Download GoComics Android app


Get your friends to help you film an event from every possible angle. This app will the stitch it all together into a nifty, three-minute video...

Price: Free | Platform: Windows Phone 8 | Download Vyclone Windows Phone app


Like Nokia City Lens but for nature's climbers rather than social ones. View info on every peak, with distances displayed via the magic of augmented reality.

Price: £2.29 | Platform: Windows Phone 7.5+ | Download TouchMountain Windows Phone app


Share, stream and discover music with support., It's okay, Dad, this is, we are assured, all music that you can legally listen to on the web.

Price: Free | Platform: BlackBerry 10.0.0+ | Download Skooday BlackBerry 10 app

Dead Space

One of the best games to jump from console to mobile, this eerie, sci--fi shooter arrives on BB10 with ace gfraphics and hauinting soundtrack.

Price: £5 | Platform: BlackBerry PlayBook 1.0.0+ | Download Dead Space BlackBerry 10 app

Hottest app of the month: Score! World Goals

Formerly known as Score! Classic Goals, the mobile equivalent of Phoenix from the Flames has received a major update which now allows you to recreate an additional 200 classic goals from domestic as well as international games. Graphics and sound effects have been given a polish and a new turn-based multiplayer mode means you can find out who really has a photographic memory of the most iconic strikes.

Price: Free | Platform: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch iOS 5.0+ | Download Score! World Goals iOS app


Whether you a love a selfie or need to do a hands-free snap, the gesture based app lets you take pictures simply by waving your hand in front of the camera sensor so all that is left to do is clear the background of any incriminating objects.

Price: Free | Platform: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch | Download CamMe iOS app

Lego Batman: DC Super Heroes

The Dark Knight swoops onto Apple devices with a host of his Lego-built DC pals with real voiceover used for the first time on an iOS Lego platformer.

Price: £2.99 | Platform: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch iOS 5.1+ | Download Lego Batman: DC SuperHeroes iOS app


The legendary 1971 Minimoog synth, used by Kraftwerk and Jean Michel Jarre, has been faithfully recreated for iPad, complete with authentic sound.

Price: £14 | Platform: iPad iOS 5.1+ | Download iMini iPad app

BC Tent Finder

Provides happy campers with tools and info, including real-time weather updates, a handy compass and a torch to help you find the toilet block.

Price: Free | Platform: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch iOS 5.0+ | Download BC Tent finder iOS app


Become part of a 40 million-strong road news network. Report hazards, traffic jams or particularly cheap petrol stations if you’re feeling kind.

Price: Free | Platform: Android 2.2+ | Download Waze Android app

Voxer Walkie-Talkie PTT

Aside from the great push-to-talk feature, Voxer supports voice, text, picture and location messages on Android and iOS without prejudice.

Price: Free | Platform: Android 2.2 | Download Voxer Walkie-Talkie PTT Android app


Imagine the most frustrating parts of Super Mario World, now speed it up a bit and take away all the controls except jump. Yup, that…

Price: £0.79 | Platform: Windows Phone 7.5+ | Download ThereIsNoPauseButton Windows Phone app


Piste pal still offers snow forecasts, but now adds speed and movement tracking via GPS, while AR shows where mates are on the slopes.

Price: Free | Platform: Windows Phone 8 | Download Burton Windows Phone 8 app


A BB take on Vine, capture a short video – no more than 36 seconds – and share it with your Keek mates or on more populated social networks.

Price: Free | Platform: BlackBerry 10.0 | Download Keek BlackBerry 10 app

App of the Month: Digital Theatre

While music, film and games have long embraced the digital age, the humple play has remained staunchly old-school – until now. A new online service is working not to only preserve theatrical performances for posterity but build their audience with a pay-for-play, on-demand, dramatic buffet.

“There needs to be a revolutionizing of the capture of live theatre,” says Michael Boyd, artistic director at the Royal Shakespeare Company, “We are fulfilling that ambition with Digital Theatre.”

Digital Theatre aspires, effectively, to be the iTunes of stage plays, offering high-def streaming and downloads of shows from across the UK. Whether it’s David Morrisey chewing scenery in Macbeth at the Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse to Tony Graham’s footballer-at-war, coming –of-age tale Billy The Kid at the Unicorn, the productions are strong and diverse, although not yet plentiful - there’s currently only 20 available.

Pricing starts from £3 for a £48-hour rental or from £5 to own - HD versions cost a bit more. It’s a small price to pay for the best seat in the house.

Price: Free | Platforms: iOS (5.0+), PC and Samsung Smart TVs | Download Digital Theatre iOS app


If you don’t fancy investing in a dedicated fitness tracking device, this GPS-enabled monitoring app can record walking, cycling and running data and visualize the information in a Storyline picking out key locations that you frequently visit. All without having to sign in or remember another set of login details.

Price: Free | Platform: iOS 6.0 iPhone and iPad | Download Moves iOS app


The second screen app finds the best opinion, updates and news from social media spots like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram plus offers match-tracking features like visual stats and a graphic timeline picking out key incidents for MLS and Premier League games.

Price: Free | Platform: iOS 5.0+ iPad | Download SportStream iPad app

The Car Park Finder

With data from over 10,000 car parks in the UK, find the perfect place to pull up with information on the nearest parking sites and how much it will cost for your long or short stay. There’s also live updates from car park managers and if you can’t remember if you were on level 3 or 4 it will even point you in the right direction to reunite you with your vehicle.

Price: Free | Platforms: iOS 5.0+ iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Android | Download The Car Park Finder iOS app

THX Tune-up

Offering a fine array of tutorials to help optimise your home cinema, you'll be able to take care of every aspect of your setup with custom video test patterns and the ability to assign speakers correctly as well as configuring your TV to your lighting and balancing your surround sound.

Price: £1.49 | Platform: iOS 5.0+ iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch | Download THX Tune-up iOS app

T3 Player

Inspired by the minimalist design of Dieter Rams rather than by, er, us this iPod-esque music player is a beautiful thing offering the ability to easily browse music through the custom UI and also boasts Airplay support with optimization for the 4-inch Retina display-toting iPhone 5.

Price: £0.69 | Platform: iOS 5.0+ iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch | Download T3 Player iOS app

Pocket Stables

If the National has given you a taste for the horse racing action this latest time-killer from mobile RPG-kings Kairosoft let's you manage your own ranch, training derby-winning nags by keeping them well fed and improving stamina and speed. Before you know it, the virtual bucks will be rolling in.

Price: £2.99 | Platform: Android 1.6+ | Download Pocket Stables Android app

CloseToYou Pro

Locate yourself via GPS, then bring up a list of everything around you. Select shops, restaurants or services and receive contact details and directions. It also supports Augmented Reality which means you can raise your smartphone in the air and see all the data laid out in front of your eyes.

Price: Free | Platform: Windows Phone 7.5+ | Download CloseToYou Pro Windows Phone app

The Marathon Runner

Whether your 26.2 mile challenge is fast approaching or still months away, plan your sprints, hill attacks and rest days, and increase your strength and endurance ahead of the big day to get in peak running condition

Price: Free | Platform: Windows Phone 7.5+ | Download The Marathon Runner Windows Phone app

Lions Official

Marking the 125th anniversary of the British & Irish Lions, this app is the official place to find out about Warren Gatland’s squad and the tour to Hong Kong and Australia with player interviews, the ability to pick your starting 15 and even win the chance to meet the team and interview World Cup winner Will Greenwood.

Price: Free | Platforms: Windows, Windows Phone 8, Android and iOS | Download Lions Official Windows Phone app


Tart up your photos with frames and photo filters before sharing with Facebook, Twitter and the like, Pic Mix has now been upgraded and debugged for BB10 which means you can make the most of that decent Z10 rear-facing camera.

Price: Free | Platform: BlackBerry 10 | Download PicMix BlackBerry app

iTunes Sync

Helping you trick iTunes into treating your BB handset like an iPod, all you need to do is simply connect the BB10 handset to your PC/= or Mac, open up the app and port your Apple tracks across. Bingo.

Price: £1.50 | Platform: BlackBerry 10 | Download iTunes Sync BlackBerry app

App of the month: Real Racing 3

The Real Racing series has long been an unofficial graphical poster-boy for Apple’s growing mobile gaming assault. Yet when publisher EA demoed the third instalment at last year’s iPhone 5 keynote alongside Tim Cook, as part of its focus on multiplayer, the circle was complete. “We’ve improved and refined it since,” lead producer Kynan Woodman tells T3. “The game content is now so large it wouldn’t fit on the previous generations of consoles.”

Real Racing 3 packs in 46 licensed vehicles, more than 900 events, nine real-world tracks and, for the first time, is free-to-play, with cars and tracks available to purchase if you want access early. While the graphics are admiration worthy, it’s the new Time Shift Multiplayer, letting you compete visually against your mates’ best times like ghost races in Super Mario Kart, that caught our eye.

“Cloud technologies have helped us create cross-platform multiplayer when it was designed originally to back-up photos,” says Woodman. “Some of the biggest innovations in games have come using hardware in ways that weren’t anticipated.”

Price: Free | Platforms: iOS and Android | Download Real Racing 3 Android app | Download Real Racing iOS app


Find a masterpiece to hang up in the home by searching for prints and originals depending on how much you are willing to spend plus there's an ‘Art of the Day’ feature to notify you when another stunning piece of artwork is up for grabs.

Price: Free | Platform: Platform: iOS 5.0+: iPad, iPhone, Touch | Download Artfinder iOS app


Uber-simple, very addictive. Grow circles by tapping them; get totals up to 100 and you win, but if circles touch sides while growing… argggh!

Price: £2.99 | Platform: iOS 5.0+: iPad, iPhone, Touch | Download Hundreds iOS app

Football Week

New footie companion app from Future and the Press Association, this serves up real-time game stats as well as pre- and post-match news and info.

Price: Free (£1.99 per issue) | Platform: iOS 5.0+: iPad | Download Football Week iOS app

Evernote Food

Never forget a great meal. Note it down, adding pictures, captions and Foursquare-powered location data, then share with fellow foodies.

Price: Free | Platform: Android 2.2+ | Download Evernote Food Android app

Simple Money

Enter your in/out-goings using the built-in calculator. Generates reports for days, weeks and months so you can see where it all went wrong.

Price: Free | Platform: Android 2.1+| Download Simple Money Android app

Running Trax

If the playlists are starting to get stale, get 40 up tempo tracks from the Ministry of Sound updated weekly to pound the pavement to with fitness tips and boost tracks also in the mix to keep you running.

Price: Free | Platform: Android 2.2+ | Download Running Trax Android app


The slick endless runner takes you up to the rooftops testing your parkour-style skills to evade ‘Big Brother’ from returning you to a life where you do as you’re told.

Price: Free | Platform: Android 2.2+ | Download Vector Android app

Metal Slug X

Metal Slug 2 gets ported and revamped with a new Mission mode to replay missions and multiplayer over Bluetooth which should strike a chord with fans of the run and gun Neo Geo classic.

Price: Free | Platform: Android 2.2+ | Download Metal Slug X Android app


Quiet at the back! School registers can now be taken electronically. Teachers simply log into their profile to access timetables and students.

Price: Free | Platform: Android 2.2+ | Download Reggie Android app


Use your phone as a remote control for your Windows PC. Includes swipe gesture controls, full virtual keyboard, touchpad and media buttonery.

Price: £1.49 | Platform: Windows Phone 7.5+| Download Unify Windows Phone app

UK Bus Checker

Thanks to GPS receivers placed in buses, you can get live times and routes for 35 towns and cities across the UK, all stored on a live tile.

Price: £2.49 | Platform: Windows Phone 8+ | Download UK Bus Checker Windows Phone app


A huge database of interesting websites and blogs, customisation options and a fantastic live tile make this the best news reader on WP.

Price: Free | Platform: Windows Phone 7.5+ | Download Weave Windows Phone app

Speed Cameras

A regularly updated international database of cameras and speed limits that warns you when you’re approaching a carefully laid trap…

Price: Free | Platform: Windows Phone 7.5+ | Download Speed Cameras Windows Phone app


Register to the community and view top skateboarding/BMX sites, or geotag your own. Be sure to upload videos and pics of your escapades.

Price: Free | Platform: Blackberry 6.0.0+ | Download Extreme BlackBerry app

Comics Creator

Upload doodles and build your own comic strip with help from a huge library of backgrounds, characters and dialogue bubbles. Just Dandy.

Price: Free | Platform: BlackBerry 1.0.6+ | Download Comics Creator BlackBerry app


Ideal for frequent flyers, the automated check-in app works with over 200 major airlines, can generate mobile or printed mobile boarding passes and will even try to pick out a window seat automatically on each flight if you prefer being out of elbow-clipping distance from the hostess trolley.

Price: Free | Platform: BlackBerry 10 | Download PASSNFLY BlackBerry app

App of the month: Middle Manager of Justice

Free-to-buy, not-so-free-to-play games have made an iTunes mint for Clash of Clans et al. Now Double Fine, the studio of games industry legend Tim Schafer, is getting in on the act. Known for his work on such cult classics as Day of the Tentacle, Psychonauts and the Monkey Island series, not to mention doing PR wonders for Kickstarter as a viable funding model, Schafer and friends here bring that trademark humour to an iOS take on the task-management sim.

As a Leisure Suit Larry-esque sad sack you must hire, train and manage your team of budget crime fighters, would-be Watchmen called Captain Premium and the like, fending off comic-book villains to keep your map free of crime and team levelled up. In turn, you must collect – or, somewhat inevitably when the going gets tough, purchase –coins and “Superium” for upgrades aplenty.

Part Theme Hospital, part XCOM, it’s a fun, beautifully drawn, occasionally frantic adventure. Though we’ll ask one more time: when will we get a touchscreen Day of the Tentacle? Now Disney owns Lucasarts, surely this has to happen?

Price: Free | Platform: iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad | Download Middle Manager of Justice iPhone app

101 Great

Excellent footie video site turns into excellent footie video app, with all the Premier League goals up for viewing straight after the games.

Price: Free | Platform: iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad | Download 101 Great iPhone app

Amplitube Jimi Hendrix

Plug in your guitar and emulate the rock icon’s full studio and gig rig, with pedals and amps aplenty. Pricey but ace, it’s well worth the “experience”.

Price: £10.49 | Platform: iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad | Download Amplitube Jimi Hendrix iPhone app

The Walking Dead: Assault

Off the back of the award-winning gaming serial comes this unrelated but effective shooter that redraws Cannon Fodder with zombies.

Price: £1.99 | Platform: iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad | Download The Walking Dead: Assault iPhone app

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

Gameloft’s not-at-all-inspired by- Call-of-Duty shooter is now a heavyweight in its own right, with a full movie-studio soundtrack.

Price: £4.99 | Platform: Android | Download Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Android app


The app that would be Kindle, Barnes & Noble’s ebook alternative hits UK Android, letting you access its million-plus books and papers.

Price: Free | Platform: Android | Download Nook Android app

Hip Hotels

Official app of the Hip Hotels Guide, this is more experimental than functional, lavishly illustrated as it is by photographer Herbet Ypma.

Price: Free | Platform: Windows Phone 7.5+ | Download Hip Hotels Windows Phone 7 app


Scanner app for recording receipts, documents or damning, first-hand evidence of your office rival’s disloyalty. Transferable via email or the cloud.

Price: £2.29 | Platform: Windows Phone 7+ | Download Handyscan Windows Phone 7 app

British Airways Inspiration

For travellers looking to find a destination which is not just ‘somewhere hot’ enter your desired date for travelling and the type of holiday you’d like to go on and the app will come up with suggestions and the cheapest fares to get you in that departure lounge.

Price: Free | Platform: Windows 8 | Download British Airways Inspiration Windows 8 app

Stick Cricket Super Sixes

The classic Flash browser game of slogging takes to the BB tablet, its simple interface making the touchscreen control jump with ease.

Price: Free | Platform: Playbook 1.0.8+ | Download Stick Cricket Super Sixes BlackBerry app

Smart Data

Expense recorder for MasterCard users that lets you snap receipts on the go with your camera and upload them for easy digital collation.

Price: Free | Platform: BlackBerry 4.5.0+ | Download Smart Data BlackBerry app


Part EPG, part social network, part consumerist portal, this lets you find, share and buy what you watch. It was T3’s App of the Year on iOS .

Price: Free | Platform: BlackBerry 6.0.0+ | Download Zeebox BlackBerry app

App of the month: Dragon’s Dream

If, as Bill Bailey once urged Simon Pegg in Spaced, you “defend the fantasy genre with terminal intensity”, you’ll probably be familiar with Roger Dean. He’s the old-school artist responsible for the multicoloured landscapes that adorn the albums of Yes and Asia, not to mention the iconic games of Amiga stalwart Psygnosis.

Well, he’s made an iOS game, and you know what? It’s exactly like Whale Trail, except it replaces the cutesie Moby Dick with – you guessed it – a dragon, and the former’s hand-holding energy bar with frustrating instant death on any impact. Yet this is less a game and more interactive art. As Dean himself attests, “I’ve always wanted to produce something that would allow people to explore the worlds I created and experience a different way into the paintings.” So it is, in fact, a guided tour of his greatest hits, with high-score bells on. Viewed as such, it’s really rather good. The soundtrack is suitably trippy, the illustrated worlds lush and it dishes out so many wallpapers as level prizes that you could print them off and start a head shop.

Price: £2.99 | Download Dragon's Dream iPhone app

Groove Coaster Zero

Tap your screen to the rhythm of plinky-plonky space-age techno as the notes come up. Think Guitar Hero but with more sci-fi, less cock rock.

Price: Free | Platform: iOS | Download Groove Caster Zero iPhone app

Nitrome Touchy

Play such classic games as Super Snotput on your PC, laptop or tablet’s internet browser, whilst using your iDevice as a separate controller.

Price: Free | Platform: iOS | Download Nitrome Touchy iPhone app

Shove Pro

You are Lars Speedwagon, stuntman and professional shover. Escape your enemies by flinging people into their path. Check out the trailer, it’s genius.

Price: £1.49 | Platform: iOS | Download Shove Pro iPhone app


Grab yourself 70 free minigames, including faintly familiar titles like Nom-Man and Shape Ninja. New games added every Tuesday, too.

Price: Free | Platform: Windows Phone 7.5+ | Download Taptitude Windows Phone app


Sync your android device with a wide range of cloud storage services, including Dropbox and Skydrive. Includes a great file manager, too.

Price: £1.95 | Platform: Android | Download FolderSync Android app


Going one step further than recommending restaurants, this app wants to know where you’re going, so that its users can recommend dishes.

Price: Free | Platform: Windows Phone 7.5+ | Download Foodspotting Windows Phone 7.5 app

Google Play Music

A dedicated cloud storage for 20,000 songs and a newly launched google music store, with more than 13 million tracks available to download. you can store music you already own, not just tracks downloaded from google, and it’s streamable across all of your android devices, even your desktop computer.

Price: Free | Platform: Android | Download Google Play Music Android app


Get last-minute bargain offers on hotels around europe. one hundred major cities are listed and more are added each day. come on, Skegness!

Price: Free | Platform: BlackBerry 6.0+ | Download Hot BlackBerry app


Finally, a free satnav app for BlackBerry. it’s not comprehensive, but has turn-by-turn navigation, speed cam alerts and live updates.

Price: Free | Platform: BlackBerry 6.0+| Download M8 BlackBerry app


The DJ app that lets you go all Guetta with video, vjay has now been optimized for the iPhone 5 and iPad letting you create and mash up your own music videos using your iTunes library then wirelessly send them to your HDTV for a Top of the Pops-style viewing.

Platform: iOS | Price: £1.99 (iPhone), £6.99 (iPad) | Download vjay iPhone app | Download vjay iPad app


Like Instagram but for videos, Viddy is now available on Android which means owners of Google-powered phones can edit clips up to 15 seconds long, add retro-style filters then upload those ‘Viddy moments’ to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and hope they don’t get sold to advertisers.

Platform: Android | Price: Free | Download Viddy Android app

Get Taxi

Helping BlackBerry owners get around town during the festive period, you can safely organize your journey home from the Christmas or New Year party with full details of your driver and a radar feature to see if they are really just round the corner. If you download Get Taxi you’ll get £7 black cab credit to save you on some of the fare.

Platform: BlackBerry | Price: Free | Download Get Taxi BlackBerry app

Contre Jour

Like the Cut the Rope but with more gorgeous visuals, the aim is to interact with the environment to guide Petit and his many tendrils to safety. It's a great bit of arthouse gaming, with a top soundtrack to go with it.

Platform: Windows Phone 7.5+ | Price: £0.79 | Download Contre Jour Windows Phone app


If Instagram is not giving you that satisfying retro photo feeling, this photo editing app equally offers enough filters, borders and lighting effects to give your amateur snaps or more artistic feel and increase its chances of getting more than one Like on Facebook

Platform: Windows Phone 7.5+ | Price: Free | Download Lomogram Windows Phone app


Just as the Deadzone multiplayer sequel hits the Apple App Store and Googe Play, the original Gears of War-esque sci-fi shooter lands on BlackBerry’s tab, to put the processing power to the test

Platform: BlackBerry 2.0+ | Price: £5 | Download Shadowgun BlackBerry app

Football Manager Handheld 2013

The relationship-ending management sim is back adding more playable leagues, a more intuitive way to compare players, improved media interaction and the ability to promote through the ranks if the board is being tight with the budget.

Platform: Android and iOS | Price: £6.99 (iOS and Android) | Download Football Manager Handheld 2013 Android app | Download Football Manager Handheld 2013 iPhone app

Google Maps

Downloaded over 10 million times in just 24 hours as iPhone owners finally decided to press the ‘Update’ button for iOS 6, Google Maps is back bringing vector mapping that uses less data, turn-by-turn voice navigation, and has thankfully reinstated landmarks like Paddington tube station while deleting any signs Woolworths still existing on the high street.

Platform: iOS | Price: Free | Download Google Maps iPhone app

YouTube Capture

Not content with reviving its map app, Google has now added its own video recording app to the App Store ranks letting you shoot and edit footage, add music from your collection and will of course play nice with YouTube when you need to upload your efforts.

Platform: iOS | Price: Free | Download YouTube Capture iPhone app

Twitterrific 5

One of the best third party alternatives to the official Twitter app, Twitterrific has been revamped with cleaner interface that unifies all of your micro blogging activity into one timeline. New gestures, voiceover support and handy shortcuts will make tweeting activity much more satisfying experience on your Apple smartphone

Platform: iOS | Price: £1.99 | Download Twitterrific 5 iPhone app


Taking your PC out of the streaming proceedings, the updated Sonos app now allows owners of the premium (but pricey) speakers to play tracks and podcasts straight from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad in an Apple AirPlay kind of way.

Platform: iOS | Price: Free | Download Sonos iPhone and iPad app

Gif Camera

Put to the test at T3's Christmas lunch, create your own animated gifs by simply recording the action on your smartphone camera then you'll be able to adjust the duration and frame speed for further comic effect. You can save your best efforts to your Gallery and most importantly share them on Facebook and Twitter.

Platform: Android | Price: Free | Download Gif Camera Android app

Rayman Jungle Run

An addictive take on the Canabalt style endless runner genre that manages to channel the lush graphics and platforming complexities of the full-fat Rayman Origins into a succession of star-searching, touchscreened, one-input levels for two quid.

Price: £1.99 | Platform: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Android | Download Rayman Jungle Run iPhone app | Download Rayman Jungle Run Android app


Think Google, but for Wikipedia. You can pull up Wiki-entries based on your geographic location, search terms or shake your phone for a random page.

Price: £1.99 | Platform: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch | Download Articles iPhone app


The iPad version of Supergiant’s bewitching XBLA adventure hit looks absolutely stunning, and does total justice to the hand-painted world.

Price: £2.99 | Platform: iPad 2/New iPad | Download Bastion iPad app

Quark DesignPad

Create business cards, posters and more on your iPad using a wide range of templates, then share them instantly with friends and colleagues.

Price: Free | Platform: iPad | Download Quark DesignPad iPad app


Microsoft’s answer to iCloud gets an app in time for Windows 8. Upload, download, share and manage all your folders from your Android device.

Price: Free | Platform: Android | Download SkyDrive Android app


The iPlayer of audio, the internet radio app has had a revamp since its launch in 2011 with a slick new interface, a station scroller feature and access 300 UK radio stations including your favourite ones from the Beeb. An Android version thankfully is on the way.

Price: Free | Platform: iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch | Download RadioPlayer iPhone app

Roller Casino

Bringing a bit of Vegas to your iOS device, the real-money casino app has been optimized for the Apple smartphone and tablet with 19 iconic games to win big including roulette, blackjack and video poker. One registration is needed to play across devices and if you sign up now, you’ll get £5 to get you started.

Price : Free | Platform: iPad and iPhone | Download Roller iPhone app

Popcorn Player

This pop-up video playback app supports multiple formats, can play in multiple windows and you can even resize it with a pinch.

Price: Free | Platform: Android | Download Popcorn Player Android app

5-A-Side Finder

Find a 5-a-side pitch anywhere in the UK. Track one down by geographic location or availability, grab contact details and get your game on.

Price: Free | Platform: Windows Phone 7.5 | Download 5-A-Side Finder Windows Phone app


Full-length movies and TV shows streamed to your WP7 device. Adds twenty films a month. They’re rarely new or noteworthy, but they’re free.

Price: Free | Platform: Windows Phone 7.5 | Download Crackle Windows Phone 7 app

Sooner or Later

A to-do list for procrastinators. Split your tasks into “sooner” and “later” categories, as well as schedule weekly tasks like “no food in, order pizza”.

Price: £1.29 | Platform: Windows Phone 7.5 | Download Sooner or Later Windows Phone 7 app


Another pretender to Instagram’s throne, this image app lets you adjust your pics with 14 filters before sharing across social networks.

Price: Free | Platform: BlackBerry 5.0+ | Download Molome BlackBerry app

Angry Birds Seasons

The T3 office is in a festive mood, with our Christmas Gift Guide due out next month. Prepare with 200 new seasonal Angry Birds levels.

Price: Free | Platform: PlayBook 1.0+ | Download Angry Birds Seasons PlayBook app

Stick Tennis

If you’ve played Stick Cricket, expect to lock yourself away in a cupboard again with the tennis version. There’s six different modes of fluid racket action that is guaranteed to induce Mcenroe-style outbursts. But in a good way.

Price: Free | Platform: PlayBook 1.0+ | Download Stick Cricket PlayBook app

Avoid costly overseas roaming charges with offline maps and points of interest for 120 cities worldwide. Add your own gems as you find them.

Platform: iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch | Price: Free | Download app

Paddy Power

Don’t trust big Raymundo? Find out the real-time odds for the game you are watching on the TV by aiming the phone camera directly at the screen and increase your chances of big payout.

Platform: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch | Price: Free | Download Paddy Power app


Follow the threads of your music and discover the artists that have sampled or remixed your favourite tunes. A guaranteed trove of love/hate tracks.

Platform: iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch | Price: £1.99 | Download WhoSampled app

Barchick Drinking Holes

Barchick specialises in bars with character, so whether you want something specific or just something nearby, you won’t end up in ’Spoons.

Platform: iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch | Price: Free | Download Barchick Drinking Holes app

Secret DJ

Find pubs and bars with music that is more to your taste with this GPS powered app that also let's you choose the tunes in selected Secret DJ venues across London and Brighton. Pick enough dancefloor fillers and you will be annointed Secret DJ of the bar. Throw on some Kajagoogoo and you can never show your face again.

Platform: Android | Price: Free | Download SecretDJ Android app


This passive auto journal records every aspect of your mobile device usage, so you have full, searchable access to texts, comments, calls et al.

Platform: Android | Price: Free | Download Friday app


Speak into your phone and this turns your prose into hip-hop gold. Alternatively, rap along to your favourite tunes and it’ll fix your flow.

Platform: Android | Price: Free | Download AutoRap app

Great Big War Game

This ace-looking touchscreen, turn-based strategy lark features cross-platform online multiplayer and a huge single player campaign.

Platform: Android | Price: £1.99 | Download Great Big War Game app


More than 15 million tracks are on offer, with social features, access to weekly genre charts and new releases... sound familiar? Rdio sure has a similar sub structure to its rival, yet puts more influence on what your friends are listening to, with a cool and calm design for those tiring of old Spotters’ dingy and archaic interface.

Platform: Android | Price