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Mute button relocation

This isn’t a problem per say, but users may have been given the impression that the iPhone 4S body is 100% identical to that of the iPhone 4. It’s not. The mute button has moved slightly lower, and although most iPhone 4 cases can fit onto the device, covers that have holes cut out specifically for the mute button won’t fit – they’ll simply cover it up.

So be warned – don’t buy expensive cases unless you’re certain they'll fit or are specific to the iPhone 4S.

Short battery life 


The Apple iPhones have never been known for their long battery life and it would seem the iPhone 4S is no different. In fact, the Apple news-dedicated website iLounge reports that the battery life gets considerably drained when using 3G data and audio/video playback/recording on the 4S.

Fortunately, you can read Apple’s iPhone battery power saving tips to see how you can save some much-need handset energy.


When they launched last year, the Apple iPhone 4 and Apple iPad 2 both aroused suspicion among Apple devotees when some of their screens sported a faint yellow discolouring. Apple put this down to the adhesive used to glue the device together not curing properly and the problems seemed to have disappeared after just a few weeks, which could be the case with the iPhone 4S.

Several users on Apple forums have complained about the exact same problem occurring on their iPhone 4S handsets, but whereas the discolouring in previous Apple devices saw yellow spots dotted around the screen, this time round it’s encompassing the whole touchpad, leading to complaints from Apple fans worldwide.

If you’ve got the same problem and it hasn’t gotten any better throughtout the weeks, you’re best bet is to contact Apple customer services: 0800 048 0408. Lines are open Monday-Friday 08:00-21:00, and Saturday-Sunday 09:00-20:00.

iOS 5 Error 3200

Apple fans were hit with an iOS 5 error 3200 message on October 13 as they attempted to download the tech giant's latest mobile operating system. It was believed the company’s servers were swamped by demand, causing thousands of users to face continued error messages.

The Error 3200 message greeted ‘hundreds of thousands’ of users across the globe as they attempted to update their existing Apple iPhones, iPads and iPods to iOS 5, ahead of the Apple iPhone 4S release date which took place on October 14th.

According to Apple’s support pages a 3200 error is caused by “a network-connectivity or traffic issue.” The Cupertino-based company advised: “If you see this error, wait an hour or more and try again.”

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