Samsung Galaxy S7 image samples: photos taken using Samsung's new flagship

Say cheese!

One major new feature of the Samsung Galaxy S7 is the new camera. We think it's great, but don't take our word for it! Here are some image samples so you can see how the camera performs under a number of different conditions.

All of these images were taken in auto mode, with no post processing:

Impressivehandling of colour, not too oversaturated.

Wide angle lens.

Impressive macro capabilities.

Grumpy selfie with intrusive beauty mode on. Look how sexy (unnaturally) smooth my skin looks.

Impressive handling of light and dark areas in both of these scenes.

Movement slightly blurred towards the edge, but main subject frozen.

Detailed images despite drop in megapixel.

Impressivedetail in the window, especially considering brightness variation outside.

Detailed, natural images in bright sunlight.

Well handled colour and brightness - considering the gloomy office environment.

Spencer Hart
Spencer Hart

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