Inside Lego's ace new London store - complete with instant Lego mosaic maker!

The world's biggest Lego store opens today - we went to check it out

Lego opens the doors of its new flagship UK store today and we've been inside a day early. Now it's time for you to check it out using the photo galleries below. 

Among the unique features are numerous London-centric bespoke models as well as a ‘Mosaic Maker’ machine which means you can buy your very own, one of a kind, personalised Lego mosaic portrait. 

The project to open the store started in late 2014 and the store itself took almost five months to build.  There are over five tonnes of Lego big build models displayed within the store, utilising a total of over 1.7 million bricks.

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Inside Lego Store Leicester Square

First Floor - this is where you'll find most of the sets to buy.

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You can sit inside the tube train and have your picture taken (we did it!)

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Ground floor - there's plenty of space for tourists to come in and buy the most popular sets.

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Lester - he's the mascot of the store. Just don't mention Brexit.

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Master Builder area - Lego says its master builders will often visit the store to give demonstrations.

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Pick and build - naturally you can pic and mix bricks as well as minifigure parts.

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'Endless aisle' - browse through sets on this big screen and summon assistance if you need it.

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A robot version of R2-D2 roams the store upstairs.

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The bespoke Lego models and features

The tube is the largest Lego build in the store, made up of 637,903 bricks and took 3,399 hours to build.

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No idea if you can really post anything in this box, but it looks cool.

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This mosaic surrounds the stairwell and features 265,557 bricks.

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Lester took over 90 hours to build and features 24,500 bricks.

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The tube carriage features William Shakespeare, Robin Hood...

Image 5 of 9 well as The Queen (she's on the other side, we couldn't see her as the window was covered) and this handsome chap

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There's even a Lego tube map on the wall and Leicester Square station arch in the entrance.

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Here's the covered-up entrance

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There are penty of UK-centric touches

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The awesome Mosaic Maker

The Moasic Maker machine is located on the first floor of the store. It costs £99 to have one done.

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It's like a photo booth and takes an image of your face and, eventually, spits out a box like this.

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This is the final result!

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The box contains a base plate (the same large one we've had for decades) as well as boxes of 1x1 squares in black, white, yellow and two shades of grey. Cool huh!

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What's on sale at Lego Store Leicester Square? 

Very large sets feature heavily in the stock, among them the Mercedes-Benz Technics truck which is one of our favourites.

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There's also this bespoke Architecture set, exclusive to the London Store.

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UK-centric sets feature heavily on the ground floor.

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Finally we've seen the Firehouse in the wild! Want!

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There's plenty of Lego Ideas stock - though we couldn't see the DeLorean.

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The Lego City area is a young builder's dream.

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All the themes are here, as you'd expect.

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Is that The Simpsons house we spy? Why yes it is...

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We picked up the Death Star set. It was HEAVY.

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You'll won't be left wanting for Duplo

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