YoYoTech XDNA 760 review

Full review: Core i5 processor and NVIDA GTX-470 graphics for powerful gaming

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High-powered machine for full throttle gaming

YoYoTech was tasked with building a system for you, dear reader. We asked them to go insania and they returned the favour….

The XDNA 760 from YoYoTech is a gamer's dream. Maxxed out with a checklist of next generation features and built like a tank, it will go through HD games like a knife through butter. It's not cheap and we've seen more raw performance on cheaper models, but few as lovingly crafted as the XDNA 760. It's that attention to detail we've like to see other manufacturers try.


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Fanboys want kit from niche vendors to look cool at frag parties. That is if you can pick this up. It is a back snapper that takes at least two to move, weighing at least 10Kg for the Cooler Master case alone. It is beautiful without being ostentatious and avoids the cacophonous hallucinogenic hue some developers use.

Not this system. It is a much classier affair with a gloss and matte black finish punctuated by a red glow from the liquid-cooled juice and internal fan lights. The case has more loads of fans to keep those high-end internal components cool. YoYoTech has also added an external fan drive with four separate controls to change fan speeds. Oh, yes, it's rip-roaring loud on max fanspeed. We did turn them down and make the system much quieter but worried about frying the insides.

YoYoTech XDNA 760: Graphics and processor

YoYo Tech has packed the machine with cutting-edge tech. The internal hard drive is not just a drive, it's a 64GB Kingston solid state boot drive. The Core i5 processor is Intel's brand new 2.8GHz model that YoYoTech has overclocked to an insane 4GHz and the graphics card is NVIDIA's new 1.28GB GTX 470

You also get Blu-ray drive, 4GB of memory which can be upgraded as there are a couple of slots free and 1TB of storage. YoYoTech also bundles Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit though, but you'll have to pay extra for any software you need.

You'll also have to pay separately for a monitor and peripherals. Our test system came with a 22-inch full HD Iiyama Prolite E2208HDD flat panel and Saitek mouse pushing the price up to £1700, but we'd recommend saving your cash and spending it elsewhere. This system deserves better. That said, the flat panel offer good image quality but it is only a budget model and you'll soon want an upgrade.

YoYoTech XDNA: Performance

The GTX 470 graphics card is one better than the GTX 460 in the Mesh Elite and delivers outstanding frame rates on Crysis Warhead – even hitting 50FPS at 1280x760 with all other setting maxxed – and we mean all. That includes V-sync switched on and full 16xAAq both of which are known to of taken out lesser PCs. Pumping up everything to full HD looks and plays spectacularly.

We also loaded up several apps and websites with Crysis running in the background and could happily multitask without lag. Sure, the YoYoTech XDNA is expensive, but it's blisteringly quick and we'd like more storage. But hardcore gamers will love it.

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