Tower Scandi 3 Piece Saucepan Set review: a trio of saucy and curvaceous pans

How well does the cheap yet rather sexy Tower Scandi 3 Piece Saucepan Set stand up to long-term (ab)use?

Tower Scandi 3 Piece Saucepan Set review
(Image credit: Tower)
T3 Verdict

As long as you don’t mind the colour magnolia, this curvy Tower Scandi three-piece saucepan set will make your cooking days go with a swing. They’re induction hob friendly, reasonably cheap to buy and rather pleasant to use. They also last a long time without much evidence of wear and tear

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Decent build quality

  • +

    Curved bowl

  • +

    Great non-stick surface performance

  • +

    Low price

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Nasty internal colour

  • -

    Fake wooden handles

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Welcome to our review of the Tower Scandi three-piece saucepan set, a keenly-priced trio of induction-friendly pans for most saucy needs. 

Sitting pretty in our guide to the best saucepan sets, The Tower Scandi 3 piece saucepan set is an affordable and attractive set of pans that should appeal to a wide audience. 

The pans certainly appealed to me; I've been using them for the last 12 months, in order to pen this review – and in order to make dinner every evening. Here's everything you need to know, then…

Tower Scandi 3 Piece Saucepan Set review

(Image credit: Tower)

Tower Scandi 3 Piece Set review: Design

These low-priced saucepans have a curved bowl design that is not only aesthetically pleasing but advantageous too. It means you can stir sauces like a mad person and the swill will likely stay inside and not breach the lip and splatter all over the shop. They also stack very easily.

Made from 2.5mm aluminium with a bonded steel base for induction hob use, the Tower Scandi comes in three handy sizes: 16cm, 18cm and 20cm (for those who think in old fashioned measurement terms, that’s just over six inches, almost exactly seven inches and just under eight inches). On the inside of each pan is a ‘contemporary non-stick coated’ surface that so far has fared very well.

Crucially the tempered glass lids that accompany every pot have a steam vent and this is terribly important, especially when boiling rice. It means any buildup of steam has an escape route instead of it tumbling over the edge of the pan in a tsunami of foamy white bubbles. 

According to Tower’s marketing bods, these saucepans are of ‘Scandinavian inspired minimalist design’, as indeed the moniker suggests. One presumes it’s the wooden handle they’re referring to because many Scandinavians do like wooden handles – but then I’m sure a lot of Belgians do too. The point is that wooden handles look really rustic and authentically old fashioned, and they're always cool to the touch. 

However, these handles aren’t wooden at all – in fact they’re made from some kind of plastic that’s made to look roughly like wood from, say, a ten metre distance. They also have a strange waxy feel about them. But, hey, they feel grippy and cool in the hand, won’t crack over time and won’t require any special treatments or oils. Also, they will always look the same.

Before we head over to the performance chapter, let’s discuss the colour scheme. On the outside surface it’s a sort of nondescript grey that looks quite appealing. However the colour on the inside surface is described by Tower as neutral but what they really meant to say is that it’s magnolia – to go with the walls of your rented accommodation. This bland internal colour, and perhaps the fake wooden handles, are the only things that spoil a damn good set of pots. So my message to Tower is – please produce this same set in a selection of wild primary colours, something Andy Warhol may have used. And forget about what Esther from Esher might like.

Tower Scandi 3 Piece Saucepan Set review

(Image credit: Tower)

Tower Scandi 3 Piece Set review: Performance

This writer and partner have been using this set of saucepans for about a year and they’ve performed exceptionally well. Heat is evenly distributed and the non-stick surface does what it’s supposed to do. But the best thing about them is the curved shape which makes stirring a stirring experience. You can really get some elbow action going with these pots and without any liquid breeches.

Twelve months on and many ill-advised dishwasher sessions have taken their toll on the base of the handle where the grey paint on at least one of the pans has worn off to reveal bare metal. But despite being bashed about and generally treated with little respect, I’m surprised at how well the paint job on the exterior has held up – better than the GreenPan Venice collection we were sent at the same time.

The key to longevity with these pans – indeed the vast majority of non-stick cookware – is to avoid the dishwasher as much as possible, because all those salts and other chemicals combined with high heat and humididty play havoc with the surfaces in the long term.

Tower Scandi 3 Piece Set review: Verdict

This fabulously shaped but unimaginatively coloured set of saucepans has consistently impressed us over the past 12 months. Despite the horrible interior colour and destruction of paint around the base of at least one handle, the Tower Scandi nonetheless comes highly recommended. 

The Tower Scandi 3 piece saucepan set may be cheaper than so many other brands, but they do a great job for the price.

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