LG 55LX9900 review

Full review: LG's slim and stylish Full LED 3D TV

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LG's big-screen Infinia brings style and comfort to 3D TV

We've seen a few 3DTV sets at T3 recently, but the LG 55LX9900 is the first LG Active Shutter TV we've seen. LG is the only manufacturer to sell both Passive Polarisation (with the LG LD920) and Active Shutter Full HD 3D TVs in the UK. The former may boast the cheapest 3D spex, but it's the Active Shutter range which is getting the brand's premier tech.

This super-sized 55 inch model packs Full LED backlighting, a Wii-style Magic Motion remote control (plus a regular zapper for traditionalists) and some fiercely effective picture processing wizardry. So can it challenge the jaw-dropping Panasonic P50VT20 3D plasma or the eye-popping Samsung 9000 Series models?

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As the flagship in LG's Infinia range, this big screen cuts quite a silhouette. The picture extends almost to the edge of the glass, thanks to a spectacularly thin bezel. Build quality is exceptionally good - which probably explains the weight. At 28.1kg this rivals Panasonic's 50inch plasma for sheer heft.

Connectivity is good. You get three HDMI inputs, one scart, a PC input, digital audio output, component and phono AV, plus an Ethernet socket on the rear. These are supplemented by side-mounted USBs, extra HDMI and component input.

LG's user interface is very intuitive, presenting a grid of self explanatory control options. On this 1255.8mm wide screen these boxy graphics seem huge and simplistic, but dig deep here and you'll find an extensive array of advanced picture tuning tools. An extensive colour management system offers plenty of scope for those that want to tweak.

The set is DLNA compliant, and will scour both your local network and attached USB devices for video, music and jpegs. File compatibility is wide although the set stumbled with some of my MKV-wrapped downloads.

LG 55LX9900: 3D picture quality

Half the battle with home 3D is the eyewear, which remains almost universally reviled. The good news is LG's Active Shutter 3D spex are probably the most comfortable available. They're light and comfortable and score points for not trying too hard to be futuristic.

3D image depth is terrific. We auditioned the 55LX9900 with a selection of 3D Blu-rays and Sky 3D, and were impressed with the presentation. When Manny the Mastodon looms into frame in Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, his huge tusks threaten to spear the furniture. Unfortunately, as with other LCD based screens, crosstalk double imaging is evident on high contrast verticals. Unlike Samsung and Sony 3D TVs, there is no option for converting 2D material into pseudo 3D.

LG 55LX9900: 2D picture quality and audio

Freeview HD channels and Blu-rays are both excellent on this screen. Fine detail is high and colour fidelity well-balanced. For the best picture performance keep Trumotion image processing on Low and select the Just Scan aspect ratio. This ensures that the screen stays sharp even with fast motion, making it a great choice for LED-hunting sports fans.

The set is less able to paper-over the cracks of standard def TV fare – and low bitrate Freeview channels look horrible. It's worth noting though that the screen itself is super-glossy. So while it looks slick Off, it's prone to room reflections when powered up. Take care where you park it.

Like other 3D Sets we've seen, audio quality is merely functional. There's no real weight or stereo imaging to its 2x10w output, regardless of audio processing mode.

Overall, we rate this as an accomplished LED super-screen. Its 3D and Full HD picture presentation will win it plenty of fans, and the Infinia design has an elegant simplicity. However those looking for extra content online though will be disappointed with LG's NetCast operation.

The LG 55LX9900 is out now, find out more from LG


SCREEN: 55-inch
RESOLUTION: 1920x1080p
TV TUNER: Digital, Freeview HD
CONNECTIONS: 4x HDMI, Component, Digital Audio Out, Phono AV, Ethernet, Scart, Bluetooth, USB 2.0, Wireless A
SOUND: 2x Watt
DIMENSIONS: 1256x750x32mm
WEIGHT: 28kg

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