Jaybird Vista Review – Feature-packed wireless headphones for running

The Jaybird Vista are feature-rich, weatherproof workout earbuds for super active fitness fans

Jaybird Vista review: Pictured here, the buds in a man's ear
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T3 Verdict

Anyone remotely into fitness will find it hard not to love the Jaybird Vista earbuds. With a rugged design that will see you through even the wettest days, a comfortable fit you can wear for hours and superb audio performance, you can't go wrong here, especially since you can now grab a pair online for cheaper.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Incredibly lightweight

  • +

    Super comfortable

  • +

    Rugged and water resistant

  • +

    Stable connectivity

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Battery life could be better

  • -

    If one falls out, you may never see it again

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Jaybird isn’t an audio brand that everyone knows, but it should be, especially when it comes to its finest true wireless buds for running and workouts, the Jaybird Vista. 

For those who aren’t so familiar, Jaybird is actually one of the audio industry’s most dedicated wireless sports earphone makers. The brand released the first-ever athlete-dedicated wireless buds way back in 2006, and while the Vista buds have come a long way since then, it’s the years of experience working with professional runners and endurance athletes that have allowed the company to build a product that’s adored by fitness fans.

As the successors to the Run XT earbuds, which had a slightly larger and clunky design, Jaybird’s Vista are the firm’s most compact and lightweight earbuds to date. They also offer users a host of impressive features, including a durable, waterproof design, customisable EQ and a super-compact charging case.

Jaybird Vista is certainly among the best running headphones or workout buds and also a solid contender in the list of the best true wireless earbuds, even if you don't go running through swamps in them.

Read our review of the successor of these buds here: Jaybird Vista 2 review.

Jaybird Vista buds nect to their case on a white surface

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Jaybird Vista review: Price and availablity

Available now from a host of online retailers, the Jaybird Vista true wireless earbuds can be picked up from the official Jaybird store for £160/$160. This is a lower price than when the buds were launched in August 2019 – yes, they are knocking on a bit now. However, carry out a quick Google search – or look at the handy widget below, which updates in real-time – and you’re sure to find yourself a pair for even less. 

Jaybird Vista in their case held in hand in front of a white background

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Jaybord Vista review: Design and comfort

To look at, the Jaybird Vista earbuds aren’t anything special. With a somewhat stripped-back design that doesn’t exactly scream premium, they certainly won’t exactly get heads turning. What they will do, though, is make up for this in terms of ergonomics. 

As a result of what (Jaybird says) included studying thousands of different ear scans, the Vista buds have been built to offer a comfortable and secure design that fits just about any ear size. And you can tell. This attention to detail in the design really pays off for the Vista buds, providing what we believe is one of the most comfortable experiences you can find in a pair of true wireless buds currently. 

What helps massively in the comfort department is the Vista buds’ weight. Each bud weighs in at just six grams. This, along with the fact they’ve been designed with a fully connected casing (meaning the ear tip and wing tip are all one piece), marks for an incredibly cosy fit. Consequently, they’re absolutely perfect for long runs, intense workouts, anything, basically.

One of our favourite design features in the Vista earbuds, however, is their impressive IPX7 water resistance, which not only makes them super-rugged but will see them survive a drop in up to one meter of water for 30 minutes. This doesn’t mean they’re suitable for swimming but it is a worthwhile feature for the accident-prone or those crazy people who like to exercise in the rain.

We also loved the Vista buds’ super compact charging case, which makes use of diagonally-slanted charging stations to minimise dimensions. Attached to this is a nifty rope which can be used to connect them to a keyring, belt loop, or whatever.

Jaybird Vista bds covered in water on dark surface

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Jaybird Vista review: Sound quality

When you have a pair of wireless buds that are brimming with great features, they can quite often let you down sonically. With this in mind, all the while knowing how small and lightweight the Vista earphones are, we weren’t expecting these buds to deliver the best in terms of audio performance. 

We were pleasantly surprised.

All genres of music played, be it rock, pop, or even bassy dance, gave a great balanced audio experience across low, mid and high frequencies with good bass reproduction, which is heavy but not overpowering.  While each bud only features a small 6mm driver, they still offer a warm and full sound even at higher volumes. 

You can also sync them to Jaybird’s nifty app, which allows you to opt for a different style of your audio through a selection of EQ options. There’s even the option to tweak it to your own tastes. 

The downsides? There’s always one, right? This time, it’s that there’s no active noise cancellation. Still, the secure fit of the buds offers a decent level of sound isolation, so it’s not all bad. 

Jaybird Vista revew: Workout performance

Relying on two separate earpieces working together to pump music simultaneously to the ears, true wireless buds like the Vista can be prone to connectivity issues. That’s not the case here, though. The Vista earbuds connect almost as soon as you take them out of the case and the connection remains stable throughout use. Jaybird has clearly worked hard to ensure these buds offer a seamless experience. This is reflected also in how well they perform during calls: there were no cutouts during our time with them, and the audio quality was steady and clear.

Battery life is something that usually stands in the way of a great pair of wireless earbuds. So how do the Jaybird Vista stack up? We found they came in at just under the quoted battery life of six hours per charge, which isn’t bad at all - especially when comparing them to many of their competitors.

The Apple Airpods Pro, for example, last for about 4.5 hours between charges, and the Bose Sport Earbuds for around five. Still, there are plenty of buds on the market that can easily outperform this, so we won’t pretend it’s great. Especially since these are aimed at endurance athletes looking to use the buds for prolonged workouts. Nevertheless, the charging case will provide an additional ten hours of charge, which is - of course - a massive bonus. 

Jaybird Vista buds on a white surface

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Jaybird Vista review: Verdict

Among the most comfortable earbuds on the market, and all but indestructible, Jaybird Vista are true contenders in the ‘best wireless fitness buds’ race. 

Compared to their main rival, Beats Powerbeats Pro, Jaybird's buds take the lead with a more compact case and better waterproofing, but fall behind, for us, when it comes to sound quality and overall battery life and security of fit. That's not to say they fit poorly by any means. However, while Vista's better waterproofing means they will survive falling out of your ears and into a puddle, the Powerbeats Pro simply cannot fall out of your ears.

With a rugged yet lightweight design that will see you through the very worst of British weather, a comfortable fit you can wear for hours without irritation, and superb audio performance, you really cannot go wrong with the Vista. Yes, an elevated design wouldn’t go amiss, and battery life could be better, but these are nothing but niggles that are easy to overlook - especially since they can be grabbed online now for under £130/$130.

And so, whether you’re a fitness fanatic looking for the best wireless earphones to power extreme workouts, or just someone that wants a decent pair of all-around buds, the Jaybird Vista earphones are bound to tick most of your boxes. 

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