Itslife Men's Genuine Cowhide leather wallet review

A real powerhouse of a currency carrier, with pockets and slots galore

Reasons to buy

  • +

    So. Many. Compartments.

  • +

    Lovely stitching

Reasons to avoid

  • -

    Not for minimalists

The Ron Swanson of wallets, this robust, well-made, functional, yet not flash currency carrier performs admirably well across a broad range of categories. It also delivers a few top rate interior qualities that aren't immediately evident at first glance.

On the outside the Itslife wallet sports a mature, manly aesthetic with straight lines of attractive stitching weaving through coffee-coloured leather (other colours are also available, however this is the best). The wallet's manliness is also exuded by its chunky aesthetic.

So far, then, nothing particularly awesome. However, when you open the wallet its true nature is revealed. That's because this bad boy packs and absolutely ridonculous feature set, including: 8 card slots, 4 interior pockets, 2 cash compartments, 2 driving license slots and even zippered pockets with zip cover to prevent interior scratching.


Simply put, this wallet is a currency carrying behemoth, aptly catering to cards, cash and coins in large quantities without breaking a sweat. Small, slim and super stylish it is not, however it is an excellent wallet and it comes at a really attractive price too.

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