Haglofs LIM Down +1 sleeping bag review: lightweight and deliciously comfortable

The summer-specific Haglofs LIM Down 1+ is aimed at fastpackers and mountain runners. Here's our review

Haglofs LIM Down +1 sleeping bag review
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The L.I.M +1 sleeping bag isn’t designed for everyone – it’s aimed squarely at ultralight adventurers, mountain marathon runners and campers who travel as light as possible and are aiming to sleep outdoors in spring and summer. For those people, it's a brilliant bag, designed to be warm but impressively lightweight, and offering great comfort and good ventilation.

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    Great quality

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    Packs down small

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    Only suitable for warmer weather

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LIM stands for less is more – and that definitely suits the Haglofs LIM +1 sleeping bag, a lightweight and sumptuously soft down sleeping bag that’s designed for fast-paced adventures in warmer months. This innovative bag has no zip and a open bottom for ventilation – how did these features fare when we tested them out in the wild? And how does it compare to today's best lightweight sleeping bags – or indeed the best sleeping bags in general? Read on for our Haglofs LIM +1 sleeping bag review.

Haglofs LIM Down +1 review: design and features

Haglofs boasts that the LIM sleeping bag ‘cuts grams, not performance’, and it's not wrong. Featherweight at just 473g, this sleeping bag is as light and compact as some of the ultralight camping mats we’ve reviewed in the past, partially thanks to its filling of animal down, known for offering great warmth for little weight. 

Buying down-stuffed outdoor kit can be tricky, as not all down is ethically sourced. Haglofs use bluesign-certified goose down, which meets European standards of sustainability, and each sleeping bag comes with a code you can use at trackmydown.com to trace where your down has been harvested from. 

Haglofs LIM Down +1 sleeping bag review

(Image credit: Haglofs)

Down is also easy to stuff down small, and the LIM easily squidges into its attached compression sack to about the size of a small loaf of bread, and also comes with a larger storage bag (as it’s better to store down sleeping bags at home without compressing them, to preserve their insulating qualities).

The shape of the LIM has clearly been designed with fast-paced hikers and long-distance mountain runners in mind. A tight mummy shape and no zip mean you need to shuffle into the bag, but the snug fit really helps to trap in warmth. As there’s no zip, ventilation comes from an innovative open bottom of the bag, which can be cinched closed or left open. 

Haglofs LIM Down +1 sleeping bag review

(Image credit: Haglofs)

When you’re shopping for sleeping bags you’ll see that each different model comes with three temperature ratings – for the LIM +1, you get a ‘comfort’ temperature of +6°C, a ‘limit’ temperature of +1°C and an ‘extreme’ temperature of -13°C. What this translates into is that the bag offers a comfy night’s sleep until the mercury drops below zero – after that it won’t offer enough warmth. 

This limits the LIM to use for balmier spring and summer camps, so it’s definitely not a quiver-of-one sleeping bag. However, if you already own a big and heavy winter bag, this would be a good addition to your camping kit for wild camping and other fast and light adventures in the summer months. 

Haglofs LIM Down +1 sleeping bag review: comfort

Like all Haglofs kit and clothing we’ve reviewed over the last few years, the L.I.M feels like great quality. This bag may be lightweight, but climb into it and you’ll instantly be cocooned in warmth, and the soft down and soft silky lining of the inside of the bag make it feel deliciously comfy against the skin. The comfort rating of the L.I.M +1 makes it ideal for spring and summer use, but you’ll need to swap to a bag with a lower temperature rating for the colder months. 

Haglofs LIM Down +1 sleeping bag review

(Image credit: Haglofs)

An innovative lack of zip saves on weight, and while you can’t then zip open the bag at night if you overheat, you can still ventilate thanks to a drawstring at the neck and the feet of the bag. We’ve actually never seen a sleeping bag with an open foot section before – on test we found it effective for optional ventilation, and it also means you can walk around (well, shuffle around) in the bag on a chilly morning at camp, or when you’re getting ready for bed. We also like that the quilting of the sleeping bag is narrower at the bottom, to keep your feet warm.

Haglofs LIM Down +1 sleeping bag review: verdict

A great quality, lightweight and minimalist design – less really is more with Haglof’s L.I.M +1, which is designed for adventure racers but also perfect for fastpacking, wild camping and overnight bike journeys in warmer weather.

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