Eleiko Plate Dumbbell review: Home weight extraordinaire

The Plate Dumbbell is as premium as it gets

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Eleiko Plate Dumbbell review
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The sloped, oversized design of the Eleiko Plate Dumbbells might seem odd initially, but using the weights for the first time will change the minds of even the harshest critics. Premium non-adjustable dumbbells don't get much better than this!

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Premium build quality

  • +

    Rotating, knurled handles are easy to hold and better for joints

  • +

    Large plates ensure dumbbells sit safely on your lap/floor when upright

  • +

    Broad available weight range (10-100kg)

  • +

    Quick delivery and excellent tracking information (in the UK)

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Not ideal for some of the more obscure exercises (e.g. renegade row)

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Eleiko Plate Dumbbell review in a nutshell: premium home weights for lifters who take workouts seriously. It's best suited for bodybuilders, considering the quality, weight range and shape of the dumbbells. However, anyone who prefers quality home gym equipment would be happy to own these.

If you want my honest opinion, the best home weights are adjustable dumbbells. I tested many of the best adjustable dumbbells, and for lifters who want to build muscle, nothing beats the versatility and space-saving design of these. That said, I would never pass on the opportunity to try premium non-adjustable dumbbells such as the Eleiko Plate Dumbbell.

I've long been a fan of Eleiko, and if you know anything about weightlifting, I'm sure you're also familiar with the brand. The Plate Dumbbell is one of the latest products from Eleiko that features a sloped design that's said to sit better on your than standard rubber dumbbells. Is this the only USP of the Plate Dumbbell, though? Let's find out! 

Eleiko Plate Dumbbell review: price and availability 

The Eleiko Plate Dumbbell is available to buy now directly from Eleiko UK and Eleiko AU with prices from £179 (approx. $225/AU$335) per dumbbell. I couldn't find the Plate Dumbbell on Eleiko's US website, which doesn't mean it isn't available in the Land of the Free.

The Plate Dumbbells are available in kilos ranging from 10 kg to 100 kg and increase in 2,5 kg increments up to 60 kg and 5 kg increments from 60 kg to 100 kg. The largest 100-kilo unit sells for a whopping £979 (approx. $1,231/AU$1,834). I tested a pair of 10 kg Eleiko Plate Dumbbells.

Eleiko Plate Dumbbell review

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Eleiko Plate Dumbbell review: design and build quality 

The Eleiko Plate Dumbbell has a durable rubber surface texture that minimises sound and signs of wear and tear. These rubber plates have a sloped design, which, according to Eleiko, is more comfortable on the wrists and forearms and when resting dumbbells on the thighs.

Indeed, I was a bit concerned about the diameter of the plates when I looked at the Plate Dumbbell online, but using them changed my mind completely. Resting the dumbbells on your thighs and kicking them up into position is much easier.

Another handy – pun intended – feature is the knurled, rotating handle. It might not make that much difference in the smaller weight categories, but for those who lift heavy and often, rotating, easy-to-grip handles can mean the difference between a joint-friendly session and bruised palms/calluses. 

The 10 kg Eleiko Plate Dumbbell has a length of 218 mm/8.58 in, while the largest, 100-kilo version is 668 mm/26.3 in. The grip has the same dimensions across all weights: 35 mm/1.38 in diameter and 130 mm/5.12 in length; the head diameter is also the same, 210 mm/8.27 in.

Eleiko Plate Dumbbell review

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Eleiko Plate Dumbbell review: workout performance

I used the Eleiko Plate Dumbbell mainly for isolating exercises (e.g. biceps curls, triceps kickbacks, overhead presses, etc.) because of the weight of the dumbbells I had for testing (I would have to do many, many RDLs with a 10-kilo pair for it to make a difference). Luckily, I'm also testing the Bowflex 3.1s Bench, so I could mash two potatoes with one fork, as the saying goes.

I was a little concerned about the size of the plates; they looked a bit clunky in the press photos. Large plates can obstruct wrist movement and can feel awkward in general. Thankfully, that wasn't the case here, thanks to the knurled handles being just the size. Of course, I had to keep the Plate Dumbbells further away from my body than usual in specific exercises (e.g. skull crushers), but it helped me activate smaller muscles better instead of hindering me.

I loved the knurled handles. I have big hands (not big arms, sadly), and I often find the thinner, plastic handles of adjustable dumbbells a bit flimsy. Holding something substantial in my palm really was a real breath of fresh air. Even though the Eleiko Plates Dumbbells weren't heavy, due to the size and construction, it felt like I was using 'proper' weights, if you know what I mean.

Eleiko Plate Dumbbell review

(Image credit: Matt Kollat/T3)

Eleiko Plate Dumbbell review: verdict

I wish I have enough space (and money) to buy a complete set of Eleiko Plate Dumbbells. These premium home weights are a delight to look at and use, although they will be most appreciated by bodybuilders and weightlifters. The sloped, oversized plate design might seem odd initially, but using the weights for the first time will change the minds of even the harshest critics.

Considering the hefty price and the premium nature of the Eleiko Plate Dumbbell, it's hard to recommend them to anyone apart from gym owners, hardcore lifters and premium home gym equipment aficionados. If you're either of those, you should start saving now, so you can have a full collection of Eleiko's finest rotating dumbbells sooner.

Eleiko Plate Dumbbell review: also consider

Not quite as premium and definitely clunkier than Eleiko's PLate Dumbbells, but HyGYM's 40KG Loadable Adjustable Dumbbells are seriously hefty weights that can be a great addition to home gyms of bodybuilders who like to go heavy in their workouts. Recommended for intermediate-to-experienced lifters. Read my full HyGYM 40KG Loadable Adjustable Dumbbells Set review.

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