Breville Edge Low Steam Kettle review: a great way to reduce moisture

The Breville low steam kettle looks a treat but best of all is its low steam output that helps reduce kitchen condensation levels

Breville Edge Low Steam kettle
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Spending more on a quality kettle like the Breville Edge Low Steam offering can pay dividends over time. This model boasts a great design but it’s the way it can boil water without producing plumes of steam that's its main selling point. It’s compact and cool to look at, but if you’re aiming to reduce moisture in your kitchen, or have prized overhead kitchen units that need looking after, it soon proves to be a sensible investment, even though there are cheaper models on the market.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Very little steam

  • +

    Speedy boiling time

  • +

    Quality compact design

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    On button rather than a switch

  • -

    No minimum water line

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While I appreciate it’s difficult to get too excited about trying a new kettle, this recent addition to the Breville Edge range is notable because it’s a low steam model. Now, if you live in a home where there are overhead cabinets in the kitchen, or you simply suffer from condensation issues, the Breville Edge Low Steam kettle is a very useful proposition. It could even bags itself a spot in our best kettle guide, such is its appeal.

Alongside the cool, high-quality design and build, the Breville Edge Low Steam kettle is something that’ll prove invaluable if you’re trying to reduce steam in the kitchen. This is obviously less of an issue in the summer months as you’re more likely to have a window or two open. During the cold, dark winter months though, when most windows and doors are kept firmly shut, dissipating steam from kettles and pots on the hob can be hard work.

The other big bonus with this kettle is that it’s also ideally suited if you have kitchen units above your worktop. I’m forever moving our existing kettle out from under our overhanging units for fear of damaging them with hot steam. Get yourself kitted out with the Breville Edge Low Steam kettle and that issue all but disappears. Read on to find out just how good it is.

Breville Edge Low Steam kettle review: Price and availability

The Breville Edge Low Steam kettle is available now and has a RRP of £74.99. However, if you head to Amazon the Breville Edge Low Steam kettle is currently on offer, with an asking price of just £64.99, which makes it solid value.

Breville Edge Low Steam kettle

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Breville Edge Low Steam kettle review: What is it?

The Breville Edge Low Steam kettle is a low steam appliance that can be paired with Breville’s four-slice toaster if you’re looking to enjoy some consistency in the kitchen. Both come finished in stylish and durable stainless steel, meaning they’re durable and easy to keep clean.

In terms of power output, the Breville Edge Low Steam kettle is a 3kW offering, which offers low energy usage but has the main benefit of producing less steam than a conventional model that might boil longer than it has to. Therefore, it’s perfectly suited to people who are keen to reduce moisture levels in their home.

Along with the efficient boiling, the Breville Edge Low Steam kettle has been nicely designed and features a lift off lid, a 360-degree rotating base, non-slip feet allowing it to stay firmly planted on your countertop and the practical addition of cord storage in the base of the appliance. You also get a removable limescale filter and an illuminated water window with measurements.

Breville Edge Low Steam kettle

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Breville Edge Low Steam kettle review: Is it any good?

I was keen to try the Breville Edge Low Steam kettle as it’s going to be a real boon in my kitchen where I have low overhead units that are susceptible to any steam that rises up from boiling water. Breville claims this model produces 75% less team and condensation than a regular style kettle, which is obviously much better than having to wipe down units if you’re forgotten to move the kettle out from underneath a cupboard.

The Breville Edge Low Steam kettle is also designed to be a little quieter than a conventional design, with Quiet Mark approval underlining its credentials. Again, Breville states that it’s up to 50% quieter than rival models, which is also useful if you’re looking to make a crafty brew later in the evening or night and don’t want to disturb anyone close by. Overall then, it might cost more than many comparable models, but these are two key benefits that help justify the extra outlay.

Breville Edge Low Steam kettle

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Breville Edge Low Steam kettle review: Performance

I’ve been using the Breville Edge Low Steam kettle for a while now and it’s every bit as good as I was expecting from this tried and trusted brand. On initial inspection I though the level information could have been clearer, with no minimum line, but you soon get used to this if you’re a one-cup aficionado. Similarly, the light isn’t always as bright as you might expect when you power it up in a sunlight kitchen.

However, overall the performance of the Breville Edge Low Steam kettle is everything you’d expect from a premium low steam appliance. It’s pretty quiet too, although I tend to find it less so as limescale levels build up. That’s no fault of the kettle mind, and can soon be remedied with a quick white vinegar descale, which returns it to its original whisper-quiet operation. The 1.7-litre capacity is more than adequate for most needs too, while the stainless steel exterior is easy to clean and looks good on my worktop.

I have terrible issues with limescale where I live, so having a concealed element is always a bonus even though its more common these days. Along with the limescale filter, both aspects make this a dependable kettle option for me and it’s more than suitable for the rapid-fire white vinegar descaling operations I have to carry out on a regular basis.

Breville Edge Low Steam kettle

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Breville Edge Low Steam kettle review: Verdict

A common observation with the Breville Edge Low Steam kettle is that there’s no noticeable click when you put it on to boil. I’d echo those sentiments and it takes a little bit of getting used to the way the button works. 

Aside from that minor foible though, the Breville Edge Low Steam kettle is a cracking kettle that has a sensible footprint, more than enough cable to reach power sockets and looks a treat. 

Best of all, it really does seem to reduce steam output as per Breville’s claims, which could make it a perfect purchase if you’re kitchen area suffers badly from condensation.

Breville Edge Low Steam kettle review: Alternatives to consider

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to kettles. If you’re not too fussed about a low steam model though, our recent look at these offerings gives you an idea of some quality alternatives. 

There’s the Sage the Soft Top Pure Kettle, which is a quality brand while another premium name is KitchenAid, which will also appeal if you’re keen to stick to a reputable name. The KitchenAid Artisan Kettle 1.5L looks funky, has adjustable temperature settings and quick boiling.

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