Bosch SMS67MW00G review: one of the best dishwashers you can buy

The Bosch SMS67MW00G dishwasher is spacious, flexible, quiet and cleans like a dream

T3 Platinum Award
Bosch SMS67MW00G
(Image credit: Bosch)
T3 Verdict

The Bosch SMS67MW00G dishwasher will accommodate the household’s daily dishes, cutlery and utensils with ease, at a price point we approve of given all its features. It’s quiet in operation, has an easy-to-use touch control panel, and a good array of programmes and special settings. Definitely recommended.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    A great wash programme for every need

  • +

    Very quiet

  • +

    Adjustable interior

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Any colour you like, so long as it's white

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The Bosch SMS67MW00G dishwasher is T3’s best dishwasher as well as the recipient of other plaudits along with numerous five star reviews from users. It’s a high spec machine at a lower than premium price, and is a full-sized freestanding model that accommodates a family’s daily dishes in an interior that makes space to fit everything in with ease. 

OK, it’s a white appliance among many but for all that it will look smart as part of your kitchen. It also boasts a simple interface as well as a range of programmes and some interesting tech. 

Wondering if all that makes it the machine for you? We’ve got the details you need so you can choose your next dishwasher with confidence. Take a look.

Bosch SMS67MW00G dishwasher

(Image credit: Bosch)


  • Dimensions: H84.5 x W60 x D60cm
  • Energy rating: D
  • Place settings: 14
  • Noise level: 44dB


We’re going to begin somewhere near the end of this dishwasher story – that is with the noise when it’s in operation. Why? Well, because with more and more of us living in open-plan or broken-plan homes, putting the dishwasher on after finishing the evening meal can mean the sound of the dishes being done interrupts evening activities. And who wants that?

The Bosch SMS67MW00G dishwasher can save you from tolerating a racket, though. It has a SuperSilence 42 to 45dB programme, which is somewhere around the noise level of light rain, say, and well below conversational level of 60dB. Choose this option and it’ll wash at the lowest minimum possible so you can hear the telly. 

The start of this dishwasher story is, of course, filling it. This is a three level machine with the cutlery basket – or VarioDrawer – at the top. On the plus side, this means a whole lot more room in the lower section of the dishwasher because part of it isn’t occupied by a cutlery basket. On the minus side? It is just a little more time consuming to slot knives, forks and spoons into their places than it is to drop them into a basket. But that’s really no big deal. If you’re an espresso fan, you’ll be delighted to know that you can put the cups up here, too. 

The three level design could leave you putting taller wine glasses into the bottom basket of the dishwasher but this can be the case even with dishwashers that lack a cutlery drawer at the top, to be fair. We have to admit that we have got around this issue by… buying slightly smaller wine glasses. Ingenious, right? 

The dishwasher also features Bosch’s Rackmatic adjustable top basket, which allows up to 5cm extra space to be made for tall dishes below. Even better, you can do this after loading the appliance. 

Returning to the issue of glasses for a moment, you can feel confident they’re taken care of with a special glass programme offering gentle cleaning and drying. Skip the ‘should I wash these by hand instead?’ moment, and make your best drinking vessels shiny as well as clean. 

Altogether there are seven programmes along with some special options we think are rather handy. These include IntensiveZone to sort out pots and pans on the lower shelf. If they're in need of extra-powerful cleaning – not that there is anything wrong with the standard cleaning – this serves up a higher spraying pressure and temperature for the lower basket. Just put your more delicate dishes in the one above if you use this.

Meanwhile, Hygiene+ is a hotter, longer final rinse that those with young kids and allergy sufferers will appreciate. It can be reassuring when you’re cleaning items like chopping boards, too. 

For anyone who’s ever complained about items coming out of the dishwasher – especially plastic – wet, Bosch’s PerfectDry may prove a winning feature. Zeolith minerals take in the humidity and transform it into warm air, Bosch says, and they last as long as the dishwasher does. 

No, this doesn't mean plastic comes out completely dry – that seems to be beyond our understanding of physics at this point. But overall drying performance is unusually good.

Other features of this machine that float our boat? Load sensoring to manage the amount of water used to save it and electricity is appealing, as are automatic programmes that adjust water temperature and rinse time to suit the dirtiness of dishes. 

VarioSpeed is another brilliant addition. This cuts cleaning cycle times by up to an hour. And as long as the dishwasher isn't jam-packed with items, this happens without noticeably affecting the end results.

The niceties you’d hope for are also present: that’s LED salt and rinse aid refill indicators, a time delay of three, six or 24 hours, and touch controls. There’s also a time remaining indicator. 

Bosch SMS67MW00G dishwasher

(Image credit: Bosch)


Turning it over to the buyers and users of the Bosch SMS67MW00G, do they think they spent their pounds wisely? The overall judgement is a rather marvellous 4.7 out of five. The machine’s low noise gets an average of 4.9 out of five, with the score for the range of programmes only a whisker behind at 4.8.

Remarked-on qualities of the dishwasher include the practicality of the cutlery drawer and the adjustability of the interior, together with its spaciousness. The touch controls and clarity of the display are also praised, and some say it’s so quiet they have to check it’s actually running. We're not sure we'd go that far, but it is quiet.

We agree wholeheartedly with the appraisal of online reviewers, as one of the T3 team has owned this dishwasher for 3 years now and has no complaints at all. Oh except one: the bottom drawer doesn't pull out as smoothly as it could. This has never caused any major upset; it's just annoying.

Bosch SMS67MW00G: Verdict

Bosch make many dishwashers and they’re known for efficiency and reliability, and the SMS67MW00G lives up to standards. It certainly isn’t in the bargainacious part of the market, but it nonetheless has sophisticated and plentiful features for the price. Some might hanker for a finish other than white as it’s freestanding, though.  

Capacity is great and the interior is flexible so there should be no boasting about relative dishwasher-filling skills (but we bet there still will be). If dishwasher noise annoys, its quiet should also recommend it to you. Invest in this, therefore, and we reckon you’ll be a happy customer.