You can improve your TV sound instantly, as Amazon's Fire TV Soundbar comes to the UK

The launch brings top quality audio to your home entertainment setup, for less

The Amazon Fire TV Soundbar
(Image credit: Amazon)

If you enjoy spending time watching TV or movies, investing in one of the best soundbars on the market is a great idea. You'll be able to enjoy the audio as intended, with much higher fidelity and, often, control.

That's just become even cheaper and easier, thanks to Amazon. They've just launched their Fire TV Soundbar in the UK and Germany, offering consumers an affordable option to improve their audio setup.

The device is set to retail for £119.99, though at the time of writing, you can snag one for just £99.99 on the Amazon website.

Amazon Fire TV Soundbar: was £119.99, now £99.99 at Amazon

Amazon Fire TV Soundbar: was £119.99, now £99.99 at Amazon
Get the brand new Amazon Fire TV Soundbar for just £99.99 right now! This is the first time the product has been available in the UK and Germany, and you can save £20 off the RRP if you pre-order.

Don't think that modest price tag means a sub-par product, though. The Fire TV Soundbar packs in some really impressive specs, to help make sure you get the boost you'd hope for.

The bar uses a dual speaker design, with a pair of 20W speakers. Those offer a lot of sumptuous sound quality, without compromising too much on size.

That's important to note here, too. This soundbar is only 61cm long, making it very unobtrusive when sat beneath your TV – perfect for ensuring your artfully crafter home decor remains in tact.

There's a useful amount of I/O on offer, too. On the rear panel, you'll find an HDMI, a USB port and an Optical Port. Sure, it's not the most option-packed device you'll ever see, but it's more than enough for most users.

You'll also get everything you need to hook it up right there in the box. The remote, a HDMI cable and even a wall-mounting kit are all included in the price, meaning you'll have everything you need to get things going quickly.

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