Yes, chef! The incredible cooker that's classy and clever

Rangemaster combines classic styling and cutting-edge tech for cooking without compromise

Rangemaster roomset
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If you're looking for a serious cooker for serious cooking, you're going to love Rangemaster's spacious cookers. They're an unbeatable combination of cutting-edge tech, clever design and classic styling, and we think they're the perfect power-up for every kind of cook. 

The beauty of a Rangemaster isn't just in its good looks. Because it's a range cooker, it has much more cooking capacity than a traditional cooker, enabling you to make much more ambitious meals and making light work of even the biggest dinners. And thanks to some clever design it doesn't just cook more. It cooks better, too. 

The serious cooker for serious cooks

With a Rangemaster cooker, you have multiple cooking cavities, multiple cooking zones and a choice of widths to suit every kind of kitchen: you can order your Rangemaster in sizes ranging from 60cm wide to 110cm wide. 

That gives you stacks of space to cook, and lots of flexibility too: for example, the 100cm Rangemaster Professional + has two oven spaces, a glide-out grill and a five-zone hob. You can choose between gas, electric and dual fuel to get the perfect cooker for your style of cooking, and with a wide range of designs and colours there are more than 700 possible range cooker combinations to choose from. From compact urban spaces to country kitchens, there's a Rangemaster that's perfect for your place and space.

One of the most fun choices you can make is the kind of hob you'd like your Rangemaster to have. You can choose from gas, ceramic and induction hobs, all of which have large, flexible cooking areas for even the most ambitious meals. But we have to admit, induction is our favourite. 

Rangemaster PDL100

(Image credit: Rangemaster)

Cleaner, easier, more eco-friendly cooking

We love induction hobs for lots of reasons. The most important one is that they deliver exceptional speed and precision, heating our pans incredibly quickly and adjusting the temperature instantly and accurately. That makes them perfect for searing, stir-frying and stews too.

The other reason we love induction hobs is because they cook more cleverly. Induction doesn't heat the hob; instead, it transfers magnetic energy to heat the pan directly. That means much faster heating than any other kind of hob, and it’s incredibly energy efficient too: all your energy is going directly into the pan, not the air around it. 

There's another big plus. Because induction hobs don't get as hot as traditional hobs – all the heat is in your pot or pan – they're much easier to clean too. That's because any accidental spills or spatters don't get burnt on to the surface like they do with traditional hobs. Once your hob has cooled down – it has built-in residual heat indicators to let you know when it's safe to do so – all you need to do is give it a quick wipe with a cloth.

That's not all. You can also combine two cooking zones into one super-sized one, which is brilliant for steaks, salmon or searing veg. For example, on the Elise 110 Induction you get that massive cooking area and an included grooved cast-aluminium griddle to cook more healthily and get those all-important sears too. 

Rangemaster PROP100

(Image credit: Rangemaster)

Next-level cookers for next-level cooks

What we love most about the Rangemaster cookers is that they help us become better cooks: because they deliver so much space, so much flexibility and so much convenience they make us want to cook more interesting things all of the time.

A Rangemaster cooker is the perfect power-up for your kitchen, and AO is the perfect place to buy it. Thanks to AO's price match guarantee against any retailer, next day delivery and 30 days return window, you can shop confidently. And you don't just need to take our word for it. AO have over 350,000 five-star reviews on TrustPilot. 

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