This is how Magic is made: how Honor perfected the folding phone

Honor’s Magic V uses cutting-edge tech on the outside as well as the inside

Honor Magic V
(Image credit: Honor)

Honor’s Magic V is an incredible phone: when unfolded, its 6.45-inch OLED display becomes a massive 7.9 inches, which is larger than many tablets. It’s a triumph of technology, and few manufacturers are capable of making it, let alone designing it. That’s because Honor’s manufacturing is as smart as the phones it creates.

Let's take a closer look at how the Magic happens…

Incredible engineering for spectacular screens

Honor has solved a problem that’s plagued many other folding phones. Making a foldable display isn’t particularly difficult. It’s making a good, long-lasting one that’s tough. Making a foldable display that turns into a flawless single screen is so difficult that some phones don’t even try: they use two separate displays instead, or they hope that you won’t mind the very visible crease that runs down the centre of their display. But Honor’s engineers created a much better solution with the Magic V: a floating water drop hinge that delivers a truly crease-less display.

Making a mechanism that works so beautifully and that can also stand up to the stresses and strains of everyday life isn’t easy. Or at least, it isn’t easy if you aren’t Honor. That’s because Honor has invested in more than 100 innovation labs worldwide focusing on areas such as advanced telecommunications, reliability, durability and sustainability – and it’s invested heavily in cutting-edge manufacturing technology too. By building its devices to incredibly tight tolerances, Honor can achieve the seemingly impossible.

Park life

Honor Magic V

(Image credit: Honor)

The secret lies in a park: the Honor Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park. There you’ll find industry-leading labs including a reliability lab, a regulatory lab and an environment protection lab. And it’s where you’ll also find industry-leading high precision automatic manufacturing technology, including an automatic precision assembly machine that can achieve assembly precision of up to 75 microns. That’s the diameter of a single human hair. That machine is used for tasks that require incredible accuracy, such as installing the 89º Super Curved Display used in Honor’s smartphones.

This engineering excellence is teamed with the very best components, thanks in part to Honor’s close relationships with over 1,100 industry partners. That enables it to offer the very latest processors and GPUs, stunning OLED displays with IMAX Enhanced technology and super-fast memory and storage.

Honor takes the same approach to software that it does to hardware. The Honor Magic V comes with the latest Honor Magic UI 6.0, which is based on the latest Android 12 operating system and adds a whole bunch of useful features including AI-based personalisation, enhanced privacy and mobile data optimisation. It offers excellent multi-tasking to take full advantage of that large display, and you can also share displays, keyboards and mice between your devices.

That means the Honor Magic V delivers the best of both worlds: the portability of a traditional smartphone and the huge screen space of a tablet. That means it’s grabbable when you’re on the move: you can keep it closed without missing important messages, going without the weather forecast or being unable to make and receive calls. And when it’s time to work, play or watch something it unfolds to reveal its brilliant big screen – a single super-sized display free that’s crease-free and built to last.

Clever phones, not just concepts

One of the best things about the Honor Magic V is that it isn’t just a concept whose cutting-edge tech and demanding tolerances make it impossible to produce. The Honor Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park makes a new mobile phone to the highest quality standards every 28.5 seconds, and the Honor Magic V has been launched in China; it’s the first of a whole new line of Honor phones that will take folding phones and flagship phones to a whole new level.

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