Sharp’s latest e-scooters are lean, green and keenly priced

Sharp’s EM-KS1 and EM-KS2 e-scooters are smart, sustainable and can save you money on your daily travel bills

The Sharp EM-KS1 e-scooter
(Image credit: Sharp)

Everybody’s looking for ways to save some money right now. And whether you’re heading to campus for your morning lecture or just dealing with the daily commute, travel costs only seem to be increasing. E-scooters are a fantastic way to cut back on your transport expenses but they can often be prohibitively pricey in themselves. Which is why Sharp’s new range of affordable e-scooters could be such a game-changer if you’re looking to bring down your bills.

With a robust body fashioned from aluminium alloy and steel, the Sharp EM-KS1 is a hardy chap, able to carry loads of up to 120kg, rather than the industry standard 100kg. Despite this, it tips the scales at a positively svelte 16kg, meaning you don’t need to be as swole as Chris Hemsworth to carry it onto a train platform. You also don’t have to sacrifice power for this portability: the EM-KS1’s 36V motor can hit 25km/h and its 6.6Ah battery can carry you for a range of 15.5 miles on a single charge. At a cost of just £399 from Euronics or £429.99 from Amazon, this is a super flexible yet affordable e-scooter.

Meanwhile, the Sharp EM-KS2 offers an even hardier build than its sibling, while only weighing in at 18.3kg itself. Kitted out with chunkier 10-inch pneumatic tyres, it can make even rough road surfaces feel silky smooth. Additionally, it’s juiced up with a beefier 10.4Ah battery that can take you nearly double the range of the EM-KS1, offering rides of up to 25 miles while providing that same 25km/h top speed. That’s serious power, given it's available on Euronics and Amazon for just £549.

Currently, using private e-scooters on UK roads is not permitted. While they’re perfectly legal to own and ride on private land with the landowner’s permission, they’re still not road-legal outside of government-approved rental trials in certain cities. However, the government did announce upcoming legislation in 2022’s Queen’s speech that will make e-scooters legal to ride on British roads, meaning there’s never been a better time to be ready for the change in law.

Here are just a handful of the perks Sharp’s new e-scooters have to offer.

The battery pack of the Sharp EM-KS1 e-scooter

(Image credit: Sharp)


Hopping on either the EM-KS1 and EM-KS2 is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Thanks to their zero-emission design, you can cut all CO2 out of your commute, while their quiet running means you can also nix noise pollution while you’re at it. And they’re sustainable in more ways than one. Made up of as few parts as possible, Sharp’s e-scooters are simple to disassemble and maintain, while the company’s After Sales service makes it easy to pick up spare parts post-purchase, ensuring that keeping your e-scooter on the road is as affordable as possible.

The smart LED display of the Sharp EM-KS1 e-scooter

(Image credit: Sharp)

Smart features

The EM-KS1 and EM-KS2 aren’t just greener; they’re much more streetwise too. Not only do both e-scooters feature a built-in USB charging port that allows you to top-up your phone on the go but they are also packed full of next-gen smarts. You can monitor your e-scooter’s battery level, keep tabs on the speedometer and gear and even check your distance travelled all without taking your eyes off the road, thanks to its built-in easy-to-read LED display. There’s also no need to fumble around with keys – the brand-new Sharp Life app allows you to lock and unlock your scooter remotely, not to mention tweak headlight, deck light, and gear settings and revisit your previous tracked rides.

The Sharp EM-SK2 e-scooter, showing its dual rear brake

(Image credit: Sharp)


When you’re navigating rush hour traffic and weaving your way through potholes, you want to know your wheels won’t let you down, which is why the Sharp EM-KS1 and EM-KS2 are crammed full of cutting-edge safety features. Thanks to its unique double-rear suspension, the EM-KS2 will sail over uneven road surfaces. And any time you do encounter an obstacle, both e-scooters feature a combo of a rear mechanical disc brake and backup electric brake that means you can be sure that you’ll come to a quick, safe stop. Finally, their IPX4 certification means they can see off even the most stubborn British weather – rain and puddle splashes will be like water off a duck’s back.

So if you want to discover more about Sharp’s smart, affordable EM-KS1 check it out on Euronics or Amazon. And the even more durable, long-lasting EM-KS2 is also available at Euronics and Amazon.

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