iPhone 6 on show: YouTuber reveals expertly assembled clone

The detailed mock-up is our best look yet at Apple's next flagship

Considering we've seen just about every iPhone 6 part Apple's got in the works, it's no surprise an enterprising leaker has compiled the bits and made his own carbon copy blower...

A video has emerged on YouTube showing off a near-finished Apple iPhone 6, although it's likely assembled from leaked parts rather than a factory line handset.

Regardless, it's probably the best look we've had yet at what to expect from the iPhone 6, with the Russian vidster showing us both the chassis and the innards of the device.

The expertly cobbled together smartphone touts the thinner, larger form factor we've come to expect.

The video appears to be showing off the 4.7-in handset when it's put alongside an iPhone 5S, with the 5.5-in variant nowhere to be seen.

The phony phone sports a space gray paintjob that's exactly the same hue as the iPhone 5S equivalent, and the chassis appears to have rounded corners and a virtually unibody case - again, expected.

Speculation that Apple would include a luminous logo were quashed by the video, which instead reckons the final handset will use an iPhone 2G style alloy logo, carved from liquidmetal.

Rumours of a sapphire glass display were also scuppered, with the leaker reckoning the device doesn't make use of the gemstone. It could be the case, however, that the 5.5-in model might use sapphire.

Other minor design changes include a surface area increase for TouchID, and a move for the Facetime camera from above to beside the speaker like on the iPhone 4 and 4S.

The rumoured protruding camera makes an appearance, as well as a return to a rounded flash module - don't panic just yet, there's still two bulbs for true-tone flash contrasting.

The lightning port and SIM holder both remain unchanged, at least in this mock-up.

We also get a brief look at the smartphone's components, with the Russian YouTuber revealing an Apple A8 chip and an NFC module on the logic board.

Check out the full video below, although unless you're fluent in the tongue of Moscow, it's worth switching on English subtitles:

Via 9to5mac