iPhone 6 finally gets an e-ink display of its very own

Save your battery, save the world

Popslate has decided the iPhone doesn't have enough screens and made a case that plops a low-power e-ink display onto the back.

The case from the Silicon Valley start up and clicks onto the rear of an iPhone to offer an e-ink screen for displaying notifications or full apps, so you can do stuff like reading e-books or checking notifications.

As you don't need to unlock your main iPhone display each time something dings, it'll obviously give you back some battery life.

The 4-inch shatter-proof e-ink screen brings with it a 240mAh battery that gives the second display an extra 7 days, but that does mean your case is going to need charging as well - although it will help your phone survive impacts too.

So if you were jealous of anyone with a YotaPhone 2, this is the case to go with. Plus, you don't have to own a Yotaphone, which isn't the greatest handset around.

You can pick up a Popslate from the US site for $129 but if you're shipping to the UK it'll add on $20 extra.

At the moment you can only buy an iPhone 6 version on the website but an advert for the case suggests it's also available for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S.